Highlighting accomplishments and celebrating bright futures! This month, we hear from Paula De Castro, Programme Coordinator at Tangent. Paula oversees delivery of education programmes in Tangent. 

Paula Castro is originally from the Brazilian deep south and has lived in Ireland since 2014. She currently lives in the Irish countryside with her husband Stephen and their three dogs Dexter, Buckley, and Minnie. 

 With a background in English Language Teaching, Paula holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Trinity College Dublin and is passionate about education and its power to transform people’s lives – including her own! As a young woman in Brazil who always felt like she wanted more, education was the pathway to achieving her dreams to travel the world, get to know different cultures, and experience life to its fullest. She now dedicates herself to supporting people to change their own lives through education. 

 Paula loves being in contact with nature and going on hikes with her very adventurous dogs. Open to new experiences and challenging herself in different ways, she has recently taken up belly dancing, which has proven to be both thrilling and hard work. As someone who is deeply dedicated to her own development, she has learned that living an authentic life is her ultimate goal; and that the price is never too high when it comes to being true to who she is. With her practice at Tangent, she hopes to help people to have the confidence to be themselves unapologetically and follow their true passions – regardless of what others think!