Demystifying Entrepreneurship

The Open Incubator is designed to empower Ireland's university-associated innovators, using scalable systems to collaborate with universities nationwide and demystify the national innovation ecosystem.

Over the next five years, we aim to establish Ireland as a global leader in university-based entrepreneurship.

Empowering Ireland's Innovators

The Open Incubator's digital system makes it easy to find events you can attend and programmes you are eligible to apply for. The "My Portal" feature, once released, will go a step further to help you develop your ideas even when you're between programmes.

The Open Incubator Website is an ecosystem navigation tool that allows you to filter events and programmes based on your university association, stage of idea development and desired province for participation.

(COMING SOON) My Portal is a venture development tool that helps you build a venture profile at your own pace. You can then take on step-by-step playbooks that help you prepare applications for programmes, funding, or other opportunities locally or nationally.

Powered by Irish Universities

The Open Incubator in its current form is the culmination of four years of technology and programme development that took place at Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace in collaboration with 

With significant funding from the Human Capital Initiative secured in 2023, and guidance provided by a steering group of student entrepreneurship administrators from universities across Ireland, the programme's ambitions have grown. 

Now powered by Irish Universities, the Open Incubator supports connections and collaborations across Ireland's entrepreneurship ecosystem for the benefit of all student innovators. In doing this we aim to establish Ireland as a global leader in university-based entrepreneurship.

Introduction to the Open Incubator


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