What Our People Say

We love getting feedback from those who matter most – the wonderful community of entrepreneurs, students, partners, and clients we work with.

‘We are delighted to secure this partnership with Trinity, furthering Design & Crafts Council Ireland’s mission to support designers and makers to develop their businesses in a sustainable way. Being based in Kilkenny, the course reflects our aim to make more opportunities available to our community who are based all over Ireland. It is an excellent and timely programme that will provide additional tools to a sector that has proven its adaptability in overcoming adversity to positively impact Ireland’s economy, society and culture’.

Rosemary Steen

CEO, Design & Crafts Council Ireland

"Each and every one of the LaunchBox finalists today has blown me away - in terms of your passion, commitment, and the quality of what you have achieved. We live in a country where entrepreneurship should be the ambition of all students. That’s particularly why LaunchBox and Tangent is important to us as an organisation."

Leo Clancy

CEO of Enterprise Ireland speaking at LaunchBox Demo Day 2022

Thanks to Tangent, I know not just how to start with my business, but where to aim, what to expect, and how to pitch myself and my ideas. I gained so much practical knowledge, and launched my business before the course even finished, and we’ve gone from strength to strength.

Claire Cullen

Postgraduate Cert in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The climate entrepreneurship programme gave me a great understanding of the opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies to be pioneers in this space; it really helped me understand the dynamics at play and what innovations are necessary for companies and society to transition to a more decarbonised economy.

Dominic Schöne

Postgraduate Cert in Climate Entrepreneurship

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting to do for years”. It helped me clarify what was important to me and what encompassed a fulfilling career for me. And I am, as a result, in a new role that combines all my experience. It came together as a result of the process on the course.

Jade Travers

Postgraduate Cert in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship

"The design thinking programme has provided tools that I can take back to my organisation to improve the way we approach problem solving. Jonathan provided examples and addressed real concerns in the group so the learnings became tangible. It has been a wonderful use of time".

Amanda Bower

Marketing and Communications Manager, CNP Santander Insurance

'Highly recommend this course. It was inspirational and practical. Clear structure with real world practices on how to integrate Wellbeing in your organisation at every level.'

Niamh Conlon

Leadership Life & Career Coach

'It encourages you to understand why you or other teammates naturally move to a preferred problem-solving method, this in turn allows you to stop and consider your approach before jumping to a solution. Overall a great experience, the facilitator was energetic, enthusiastic and informative, who managed to keep a wide group from different backgrounds thoroughly engaged. A great plus is to hear and share thoughts with people from different companies and industries. Would highly recommend it.'

Janell Callan

Qualio Inc

'Really helped me notice areas that could be improved on, and processes that could be implemented and overall changed the way I think for the better. It's amazing how quickly you benefit from following the process.'

Claire Nolan


The Creating a Culture for Strategic Innovation Programme showed me new skills and tools to use to progress innovative thinking and change in my team and in my organisation. The sessions on Bias and Problem-solving really got me thinking about how I view others and how changing or tailoring my approach can really have an effect on an outcome or situation. The sessions on storytelling were a game changer - I will use the storytelling decks again and again—fantastic programme and highly recommended.

Gwen Callanan

Cork City Council

The main word I would use is confidence. I wouldn't have had it prior to the course to the level I have now. The elevator pitch for me was the pinnacle. I would 100% recommend people to do the course.

Helena McDermott

Postgraduate Cert in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

I studied fine arts in Italy and into the art management side of things. The reason why I started the course was that I wanted to dive into a business idea I was thinking about for quite a while. The course was brilliant because it helped me gain more knowledge, and it was a great opportunity for personal and professional development. I can't recommend this course enough for people on how to approach their artistic practice in a more professional way or work on their business idea. The methodology of teaching was different, dynamic, and interesting, you were kept actively listening, being asked questions and having great involvement from the students and the lecturers.

Cristina Coonan

Postgraduate Cert in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

I had taken a break for 5 years, being a work-at-home mom. I wanted to get back into the workplace and wanted to space place to bring in my idea and see where it goes to. I really enjoyed the course, as there was a challenge in that, there was an academic requirement but also combining it with real-life workplace value really was quite beneficial for me. I think what I really loved about it was the support I got, tangent gave me a safe environment. The course has had a huge impact on me both professionally and personally, the one thing I really got out of the course is confidence. I loved the group work that we did, I got to hone my skills again and redevelop them.

Sineash Graham

Postgraduate Cert in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

I have learnt a lot of new skills and made new friends. I enjoyed the creative and innovation modules more than anything else. The energy associated with the course and the delivery from all the staff at Tangent, the focus and the agility that the course gave to everyone taking part, really appreciate everything that Tangent has done. I learnt something new pretty much in every class.

Kieran McCorry

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Ireland

The course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development is well structured as per the industry needs plus focuses on innovation to bring innovators into reality. It is a very realistic course in terms of validating day-to-day problem statements. This course is designed very well for people who are working in the industry as well as people who just graduated, it is very well-balanced. I would definitely recommend individuals to take part in the course.

Vish Musale

Associate Director - Cloud & Digital, KPMG Ireland

It's always important to be updated and gain knowledge, and there is nowhere better than Trinity College. Today I can say that I have more capability to open my own business, and I am more creative after doing the Pg Cert in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development course. It brings me some tools that I can apply to the new job that I got after completing this course. the group work was very beneficial and they were very helpful.

Graziele Kézia Leal Silva

Marketing Executive, GagaMuller Group

This course helped me in upscaling a lot. I learned a lot of tools such as design thinking and a better understanding of the customer journey, After the course, I was promoted to a customer service manager position. After doing this course, I could align better my knowledge and build my own personal enterprise.

Daiane Vivan Pomatti

Customer Service Manager, Nextpath Limited

The course covered the full range of Innovation techniques and skills but applied specifically towards the area of Healthcare with all the nuances that would entail. The really valuable learning from a host of brilliant professors. Because of my journey with PPMS, I am building my wealth of knowledge in health and this course is a highly coveted course. The course was really invaluable in the team building aspect for me. Trinity was very understanding in terms of my disability. The skills appears throughout the course and it was really rewarding.

Stephen Garland

Owner: Barcelona Comedy Festival and Ferdian Events