Cities contribute hugely to climate change, material consumption and waste generation. In fact, 75% of EU citizens live in urban areas, yet produce 50% of all waste and 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. Tangent is proud to join academic and city partners to address some of these challenges through the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator programme.

Implemented in conjunction with ClimateKIC, Luvent Consulting and Danmarks Teknikske Universitet (DTU) across Berlin, Dublin, Athens, and Copenhagen, the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator recruits European start-up companies hoping to advance their circular economy solution.

Circular start-ups aim to reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and regenerate resources for the betterment of urban environments, maximising the lifecycle of materials and optimising their use. Restorative by design, a circular economy helps offset climate change, therefore helping Europe transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Companies participating on this accelerator are developing solutions across transport and mobility, logistics, waste management, construction material, food consumption and packaging to support more sustainable, circular urban environments.

Winter 2021 Maastricht Start-ups