16th March 2023: Trinity College Dublin, Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, announced membership of EIT Urban Mobility (UM) KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community), an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). 

The move will see Trinity collaborate with EIT UM in this European initiative in transforming urban mobility. TCD's membership of EIT UM will be officially launched at an event in Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace on Wednesday 22nd March from 12pm during Green Week 2023. This event will focus on providing an overview of the work of EIT Urban Mobility and will launch the BP23-25 Calls Programme in Trinity College Dublin.  The Calls Programme 2023 funds new education, entrepreneurial and innovation projects addressing EIT Urban Mobility challenge areas including: Mobility & Energy, Future Mobility and Sustainable City Logistics.    

EIT Urban Mobility is an EU-funded programme implemented through partners in five European regional hubs and its aim is to take early-stage start-ups with business ideas that reduce congestion and increase efficiency in the transport system. Projects will seek innovative approaches to make commuting faster and more enjoyable and help us navigate our cities easier. EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.  Since January 2019, EIT UM have been working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities in order to make them more liveable places.  Co-funding of up to €400 million (2020-2026) from EIT will make this happen.   

Commenting on membership, Ken Finnegan, CEO Tangent, said: ‘Joining EIT UM presents incredible opportunities for the Trinity community and partners as this EIT KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) aims to become the largest European initiative transforming Urban Mobility.  It supports innovative solutions for the mobility of people, goods and waste that increase liveability of our European cities and accelerates change towards a sustainable model of urban mobility.”    

Willem-Frederik (WF) Metzelaar, Head of Innovation Hub West added “We are delighted Trinity College Dublin has joined EIT Urban Mobility and we are excited to engage with the teams in College seeking innovative approaches to accelerate the transition to low or zero-emission forms of transport.” 

“I invite Innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and educators with a specific interest in Urban Mobility to join us in Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, 1st floor Trinity Business School on Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 12 – 2pm,  to discover more around upcoming funding opportunities,” said Ken Finnegan 

“All attending will have an opportunity to meet EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub West team - Willem-Frederik (WF) Metzelaar, Head of Innovation, and Kristy Tong, Partner Engagement Officer, and hear more about upcoming funding opportunities, “ he added. 

 Dr Brian Caulfield from the School of Engineering said “Trinity’s membership of the EIT Urban Mobility KIC is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and build new innovative research collaborations in the urban mobility area. We have never needed more innovation in the mobility sector than right now to reduce our emissions. Trinity have already secured funding under the Bicycle Hero’s project from the EIT Urban Mobility KIC.  This project is examining new ways to design urban cycling infrastructure in collaboration with Dublin City Council and several other European cities”.