A special programme designed for early career researchers, FREE for Trinity PhD students, the Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship runs from January to June 2024, with four modules comprising 30ECTS. Open to all PhD students, post-docs, and early-career researchers from any institution, a special emphasis is placed on exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and associated transferable skills through the lens of the researcher. Delivery, content, and assignments are all tailored to be of benefit to researchers- delivery in particular involves a blended format designed to work for our busy learners.

Module One, Creative Thinking (10 ECTS) sees learners come together in interdisciplinary groups to explore solutions to global issues via the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this module, learners particularly enjoy learning structured approaches to creativity useful to their research, and developing their interdisciplinary experience useful to future projects and teamwork. Module Two, titled Innovation Pathways for Researchers (10ECTS) learners explore their goals- how do they want to make use of these skills and their research? As an academic, an academic entrepreneur, a consultant, by joining industry or another pathway to success? With assignments and expert support, learners enjoy the opportunity to focus in on their own goals during a module featuring a host of guest speakers offering insights into possible routes to success post-PhD.

Having set their goals, in Module Three, Opportunity Generation and Recognition (5ECTS), learners explore key concepts such as identifying, analysing and pitching for key opportunities relevant to them. Here we introduce key topics to be aware of for ECRs, for example, intellectual property considerations, funding opportunities and how to communicate your value as a entrepreneurial researcher. In the final module, Leadership (5ECTS), we explore key leadership styles, identifying and exploring the style suitable for learners as they work towards leading teams or Principal Investigator roles.

Led by Dr Maeve O’Dwyer, HCI Programme Manager at Tangent, this HCI-funded programme can offer free places to successful applicants who are registered research students at Trinity College Dublin. We welcome applications from Trinity staff, and from PhD students and ECRs from any institution in a position to attend the programme. For more information on programme fees, how to apply, or a draft timetable, email us at pgtangentcourses@tcd.ie or visit our website at tcd.ie/tangent. On our website, you can find recorded interviews with some of our alumni from the programme.

We are excited to see what the 23-24 cohort will achieve!