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Gender Studies

Module Code & Name ECTs credits Duration and semester Prerequisite Subjects Assessment Contact Hours Contact Details

HHU13002 Gender, History and Culture

5 ECTS credits Hilary Term N/A ONE exercise based upon the analysis of a text or a work of art (1,000 words) arising from one of the seminars, and ONE essay addressing some of the major themes in the module (2,500 words).

The final date for submission of both pieces of work is Friday of week 12, at 12 pm (midday). Work can be submitted before this deadline.

There is no final examination for this module; marks are divided between the analysis and the essay in the proportion 30:70.

15 (one lecture per week, and seminars in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10). Dr Catherine Lawless


Module description:

    Course Description:

    On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

    - understand the constructions of gender in history

    - identify the main trends of gender historiography

    - show a clear grasp of the relationship between the sexed body and the gendered body in history and representation

    - analyse relevant textual and visual evidence

    - engage critically with principal interpretations concerning gender

    - articulate well-researched views both orally and in writing