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Optional Maths Preliminary Course

This course is designed to provide students taking Business and Economics undergraduate programmes with foundational skills that are prerequisites to the maths, statistics and quantitative methods modules offered on these programmes. The course is specifically recommended for students who have not taken higher-level maths in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent state examinations. It will also be useful as a refresher for students who have studied higher-level maths.

If you didn't take Higher Level Maths you might need a bit of a crash course in some of the maths and stats that you'll need to understand for your Business or Economics course. This course will catch you up by providing comprehensive coverage of the foundational principles that will be explored in more depth during the year.

The course is available free of charge to all students who are intending to study Business and Economics programmes in First Year (i.e. Law and Business; Business, Economics and Social Studies; Business and a language; Computer Science and Business; Global Business; JH Economics; JH Business). Taking this course does not imply a decision to choose any specific maths-related module on your course.

For academic year 2021-22, due to Covid restrictions the course will be available online via Zoom on the links shown below. The course will run from Monday September 20th to Friday September 24th with two classes each day from 09:30-13:30 and from 14:30-16:30.

All students who have a need for this course should attend the initial class on Monday September 20th at 09:30. During this first class the topics to be covered in subsequent classes during the week will be outlined. Students can then opt to attend all subsequent classes, or a selection of those that best meet their needs on the specific topics to be covered.

To attend these classes, use the following details on Zoom:

If you have any questions in relation to this offering please contact Dr Paul Lyons (