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How To Register (All Students)

1. How do I register?

• You will register online via the website Registration will open from August on a course by course basis. A communication will be sent to the e-mail address you gave during the application process inviting you to log in to the website to register. Please check your e-mail for updates regularly. Once you have registered emails will be sent to your new TCD email address.
Students who have previously accessed the website should continue to access it using your current username and password as this has not changed. For those who have not previously logged on, a username and password has been created to give you immediate access.

Username: Shown on the top right corner of both the email and letter you received. This is also your TCD student ID Number.
Password: This is your date of birth in the format DDMONYYYY, e.g. 03FEB1995

• When you have been invited to register you will see an in-tray message in your student portal and you will have access to the Register tab in the portal on the top menu.
In order to complete on-line course registration, you should click on tab and proceed.
You must complete all tasks successfully before the process is complete. When you have completed tasks successfully you will see a green tick. If tasks are incomplete they will be highlighted by a red X. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Online registration does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can complete a task or multiple tasks, exit and return later to proceed. The completed tasks will be saved when you log out. You must complete each individual task before registration is complete.

2. How do I pay my fees?

You can pay your fees through the following methods:

• Online Payment: You can make an online payment through using a debit/visa card on the website You can click the ‘My Finance’ tab on your portal to pay your fees. This is the quickest and easiest way to pay.

• EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) i.e. bank account or online banking: This involves the transfer of funds direct to the Trinity College Dublin accounts. This transaction isn’t immediate. Due to banking requirements it can take up to 4-5 working days for payments to be cleared on your account or up to 10-12 working days if the payment is made internationally. Please factor this into your payments if you have a set deadline.
Bank account details for EFT payments are available on the Academic Registry website and in your portal.

• TransferMate (formerly Pay to Study) - recommended for International Students: This is an easy-to-use online payment process which offers a secure, fast and affordable way to make your international payments to Trinity College Dublin. This method saves you time and money when paying your fees internationally. TransferMate (formerly Pay to Study) allows you to make your international payments free of charge, while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates. Where Transfermate (formerly Pay to Study) has a local bank account, you will not be subjected to any international wire fees and will be able to pay in your local currency. TransferMate (formerly Pay to Study) receipts are also accepted by visa and immigration agencies.

3. How do I know that I’m registered?

You will receive a confirmation of registration in-tray message on your portal once have completed the registration process stating you are now a fully registered student.

You are now eligible for a student ID card (TCard). To avail of a TCard you need to log in to the TCard Portal using your Trinity username and password and follow the instructions to upload a photo. When your TCard is ready you will be emailed a time to collect it from the Orientation Hub in the Exam Hall.

Note: Please ensure when logging in to the TCard Portal that you are using your username rather than your student ID number or email address.