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Student Testimonials

James Rhatigan
Geography Student

Over the course of my undergraduate degree, in Political Science and Geography, I was taught by some of the most respected academics in their fields.
One of the strengths of the Political Science and Geography degree is its flexibility and the wide selection of different modules and courses, particularly in the final years. In their fourth year, students can either continue studying both subjects or chose to specialise in either Political Science or Geography. Throughout my time studying within the Geography department students were continually challenged to develop academically and encouraged to think afresh and critically about relevant and complicated issues.
One of the best things about the Geography department is its small intimate size, class sizes are small and lecturers are approachable and available. Students can study together in the dedicated Geography library, the Freeman Library, and a real sense of community is fostered between students, but also with Faculty and post-grads too. You get to know and become friends with everyone in your class very quickly.
Trinity is well stocked with a variety of clubs and societies. There is something to suit everyone’s interests and there is always something happening around campus. Studying at Trinity gave me further opportunities to travel, and in my third year I was given the chance to spend the year studying on an Erasmus exchange in Stockholm.
Studying at Trinity was highly rewarding and enjoyable. I am currently due to start an MA in Geography at UBC Vancouver this coming September and I’m certain that the academic training and experience I gained at Trinity will stand to me as I continue my studies into the future.

Maurese Gargan
Theoretical Physics

Since childhood, it was always a childhood dream for me to attend Trinity College, as Ireland's premier university. As a student who always loved mathematics and physics, I knew that Theoretical Physics would provide me with the best opportunities to grow my skills and passions academically. Also, being taught by Professors from the world renowned Trinity schools of Mathematics and Physics, I knew I would be in good hands! The past four years have been the most rewarding of my life. The lecturers are leaders in their respective fields and they always encouraged questions and provided time for students to fully grasp the concepts at hand. The course has taught me not only subjects such as Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter Theories, but also how to think logically, to solve problems efficiently and to communicate effectively.

Throughout the course of my time at Trinity, I have also had the chance to get involved in a number of outreach programmes, promoting maths and physics, and helping students from disadvantaged areas. With the Institute of Physics (IOP) in Ireland, I was able to work at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition and explain the ongoing experiments at CERN to people of all ages. I got involved with the DART of Physics campaign, appearing on national breakfast television and giving physics demonstrations. During my final year, I was also given the chance to tutor students from disadvantaged areas in mathematics and science. Studying Theoretical Physics at Trinity has provided me with countless opportunities, and with memories that will last a lifetime. The time I have spent in college and what I have learned will prove invaluable as I start out on my professional career. Theoretical Physics has been a wonderful way to start my adult life, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody with a thirst for mathematical knowledge!

Kyle Cunningham

As an American student, I was readily drawn to an international school such as Trinity College Dublin. When I came here I was blown away by the science program. It has this wonderful guide through science that allows one to study all its facets without losing ground in any field. I loved that I was being taught by researchers who were still in the lab, making new and inspired findings. In the end, it was the hands-on lab work that truly impressed me, as it taught me the difference between something sounding amazing in theory, yet being practically uninteresting. Without my time here, I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion of majoring in neuroscience, or that I would want to continue my science education any further.  While Trinity itself has plenty to offer, from the neuroscience society’s weekly seminars to The Pav (Pavilion Bar), it was the science course that made me fall in love with the school. I know that when I leave Trinity College, not only do I have the finest education, but also the skills and contacts to make a difference in the world.