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Current Research

School of Biochemistry and Immunology

The School of Biochemistry and Immunology is research intensive and has a strong international reputation for the quality of its scholarly activities. The areas of research in Biochemistry include membrane proteins, enzymology, folic acid biochemistry, structural biology, tRNA biology, neurochemistry, systems biology, cancer biology, molecular parasitology, apoptosis, energy transduction and drug discovery. In the area of Immunology our School is active in immunoregulation, immunomodulation, cell signalling in immunity and inflammation, immunoparasitology, vaccine adjuvant research, innate immunity and inflammation and viral subversion of immunity. Biochemistry and Immunology current research

School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry has an active research programme which spans all sub-disciplines of Chemistry. There are a great many inter-departmental and international research programmes currently underway. Chemistry current research

School of Computer Science and Statistics (SCSS)

SCSS is internationally recognised for the quality of its research and teaching at all levels.  The school’s academic and research staff are working towards solving scientific problems in their areas of expertise. The school continues to play a significant role in the development of Ireland as a “knowledge economy”, through the generation of intellectual property and by training a cohort of postgraduate researchers who will assume future leadership positions in Irish industry. Further details available at

School of Engineering

The research conducted within the School of Engineering is diverse and includes mathematical modelling and experimental measurement-based work. Much of the work is collaborative with other schools in the university and with national and international partners. Several research groups are recognised as international leaders in their fields; these groups are active in areas such as bioengineering; digital media; energy, transport, the environment; and telecommunications. School of Engineering research

School of Genetics and Microbiology

Research in the School of Genetics and Microbiology is generously supported by grants from the Health Research Board, the Wellcome Trust, Science Foundation Ireland, the European Union, Enterprise Ireland, Cancer Research Ireland, the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, and by research contracts with industry. The current research fields in the school are: Molecular and Cell Biology, Malaria and Microbial Genetics. Genetics research Microbiology research

School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics has a range of research interests under the headings Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. School of Mathematics research

School of Natural Sciences

Research in the School of Natural Sciences is drawn from the disciplines of Plant Sciences, Geography, Geology, Zoology, Centre for the Environment and the Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research. School of Natural Sciences research

School of Physics

The School of Physics has a well-established international reputation for innovative research in Magnetic, Electronic and Photonic Materials, Nanoscience and Computational Physics, all areas that are highly relevant to the national priority theme of leadership in Information and Communication Technology. School of Physics research