Staff Research

Staff research interests include Hebrew Bible, Israel and Ancient Egypt, Early Judaism, Ancient Near Eastern empires, Reception of Hellenistic Judaism, Jews in Modern Ireland, Islam and gender, Islamic feminisms and human rights.  We have hosted a significant number of international workshops and conferences while also offering regular research seminars with visiting academics.

The research undertaken by our staff members is essentially interdisciplinary intersecting with a number of areas across the Humanities and in the area of Law.

Two members of staff are involved with the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and have worked on projects and publications with Classicists, Ancient Historians and Near Eastern Archaeologists. Currently one member of staff is working with modern cultural historians in European universities for a reception history project. The Lecturer in Islamic civilizations has research projects with scholars in the areas of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, International Law, Gender Studies and Human Rights.

We are involved in research projects with international partners in Europe, the Middle East and North America. These links bring in a steady flow of visiting scholars who contribute to research seminars for staff and post-graduate students. This also provides mobility for both staff and post-graduate students.

Academics in this Department also serve on, or Chair, the executive committees and Boards of International academic societies.