Fourth Year - Senior Sophister

In the final year the number of credits/modules taken depends on each student’s Trinity Joint Honours pathway.

Students choose their modules from the range on offer, which can change from year to year in accordance with our lecturers’ evolving research.  Here is a representative sample:

  • Islam and Gender
  • The Jews of Ancient Egypt
  • Holocaust Representation in Film and Literature
  • History of Disease and Disaster in the Middle East
  • Empire, Colonialism and Globalisation in the Middle East
  • Masterpieces of Mesopotamian Literature
  • Colonialism and Postcolonialism around the Mediterranean
  • Biblical Narratives and Popular Culture

Senior Sophister students also undertake a capstone project (the ‘dissertation’) which is a piece of independent research supervised by a departmental lecturer. The topic is usually chosen by the student in consultation with the supervisor.

(The capstone project is mandatory for students on a Single Hons/Major pathway)


In all four years a combination of end of year examination and continuous assessment, e.g., essays, book reviews, seminar presentations, and digital projects.