Third Year - Junior Sophister

In the Junior Sophister Year, the number of credits/modules taken depends on each student’s Trinity Joint Honours pathway.

From third year onwards, you may choose from a range of courses depending on the interests that you have developed in your first two years. You will be able to study diverse cultures in the ancient, medieval and modern worlds through political, religious and literary texts, material culture, blogs and film. Modules include:

  • Holocaust Representation in Film and Literature
  • Islam and Gender
  • Empire, Colonialism and Globalisation in the Middle East
  • Biblical Narratives and Popular Culture
  • Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians under Persian Rule
  • History of Disaster and Disease in the Middle East
  • The Sick Man of Europe? State and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire
  • Human Rights in the Middle East
  • Great Jewish Books: Identity, Culture and Society
  • The Jews of Egypt
  • Language options: Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish (can be studied to Intermediate level)