Second Year - Senior Fresh

In the Senior Freshman year, the number of credits/modules taken depends on each student’s Trinity Joint Honours pathway.

Students choose their modules from the range on offer, which can change from year to year in accordance with our lecturers’ evolving research. Whatever you choose, you will study a range of diverse cultures in the ancient, medieval and modern worlds through political, religious and literary texts, material culture, blogs and film. Courses you may choose from include:

  • The Modern Middle East, Europe and America
  • History and Culture of the Ottoman Empire
  • Jews in European Society from 1750
  • Islam in Europe
  • Intellectual Trends in Early Judaism
  • History and Culture of the Ottoman Empire

You may choose (but are not required) to study one language: Arabic or Hebrew or Turkish
You may also take a course in Trinity College's Electives programme or choose from a wide range of Approved Modules from other departments across the University.