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Career and Postgraduate Opportunities

Trinity College Dublin’s LL.B. degrees prepare students not only for life as ‘lawyers’, but also enable them to enter many career fields such as business, journalism, accountancy, banking, insurance, politics, foreign affairs and diplomacy and public services.

The skills learned through studying law are useful in all walks of life. A law degree teaches students to think logically and analytically. It also equips students with the ability to carry out research, to apply relevant information to problems, to use language precisely, carefully and objectively.

Practising Law

It is important to note that holding a law degree does not automatically entitled one to practice law. In Ireland there are two legal professionals: Solicitors and Barristers.


Holders of law degrees who wish to train as solicitors in Ireland must apply to the Law Society of Ireland. The Law Society is the educational, representative and regulatory body of the solicitors' profession in Ireland.

Law Graduates who wish to qualify as a solicitors in Ireland must first

  • Pass an entrance examination, also known as the Final Examination - First Part (FE-1).
  • Secure a training contract and have inhouse training for 11 months
  • Attend the Professional Practice Course I and pass the course examinations. This course and examination period takes place over 4 months (max).
  • Spend a period of 11 months as a trainee solicitor in the training solicitor's office.
  • Attend the Professional Practice Course II and pass the course examinations for a further 3 months
  • Serve 6 more months in a training position with your law firm following the successful completion of the Professional Practice Course II

The process takes 24 months.

For further information on qualifying as a solicitor please contact

The Law Society of Ireland,
Blackhall Place, Dublin 7;


Graduates (with law degrees) who would like to practise as a barrister must complete the Barrister-at-Law degree course in the Honorable Society of the King’s Inns. Applicants for this degree must first have passed certain ‘core subject’ in their law degrees and pass an entrance examination. These core subjects may change from year to year and students are advised to regularly check the requirements.

On successful completion of the degree course students are conferred with the degree of Barrister-at-Law. Graduates then “devil” with a qualified barrister for a year before commencing practise on their own.

For further information relating to entry requirements, examinations, and details on becoming a Barrister-at-Law, students should contact
The Honorable Society of the King’s Inns, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.  Telephone (01) 874 4840; Fax (01) 872 6038; Email