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Our law school is your law school – a community of Faculty, Students and Alumni.

Our vision in the Law School is of a community involving Faculty, Students and Alumni working for and with each other in the pursuit of truth and knowledge and for the betterment of Irish and global society
Trinity College Law alumni have always been - and will always be—crucial to the success and strength of our school. We look with enormous pride on our alumni, based all round the world and working in positions of influence as lawyers and non-lawyers. We are keenly aware of how much the law school, as it now is, owes to our alumni both when they were students and since graduation and we hope that you also appreciate the role that Trinity College law school played in your development.

We are always keen to welcome alumni back to the school, whether just as guests who wish to relive old memories or indeed as contributors to the work of the school. In this regard there are very many ways in which alumni can assist in the work we are doing – through careers talks and careers enhancement for students, occasional lectures, judging moot programmes, organising alumni reunions and so on. Our law school is YOUR law school (and ever will be) and any level of greater involvement that any individual alumnus would like to play within the school would be most gratefully welcomed.

We hope that within this website you will find a snapshot of what is going on in the school at a most exciting time of development. If you would ever like to pay a visit to the school or if you feel that you would like to deepen your involvement in the life of the school please contact the Law school's Director of Alumni and Development Professor Neville Cox at He would be truly delighted to hear from you.