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My decision to pursue Trinity College Dublin’s LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law has proven to be a remarkably enriching and exhilarating experience. The meticulously curated LLM modules within this programme provided me with the ideal platform to further explore timely legal subjects, enabling me to delve into specialised areas such as AI, Ethics, and Regulation. The unique programme also facilitated the intersection of established legal domains, like intellectual property, with emerging and technical realms, including cyberspeech and cybersecurity.

Having said this, one of the standout features of Trinity’s LLM program, and my personal favourite, was the exceptional calibre of the lecturers. Their expertise, drawn from industry and sector-specific backgrounds, afforded me the invaluable opportunity to learn from true experts in the field. I would highly recommend this LLM to anyone wants to build upon their existing knowledge and understanding of the law as well as distinguish themselves within the growing and increasingly competitive Irish legal market.

The support provided by Trinity’s Postgraduate School of Law faculty throughout my degree was also exceptional and their commitment to fostering connections between graduating alumni and potential employers was commendable. In my case, I was privileged to be selected for the ‘Legal Experience Pathways’ opportunity, a yearlong position as a legal review assistant at one of Ireland’s top law firms, McCann FitzGerald. Now, four months into this role, I have actively participated in numerous high-profile cases and collaborated with exceptionally talented lawyers who are industry leaders in their respective sectors. This role has granted me invaluable insights into the commercial legal landscape, and the collaborative environment, working alongside fellow graduates, has been both enjoyable and socially fulfilling.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities Trinity College Dublin has provided, not only through its outstanding academic program, but also through the pathways for practical experience and professional networking.

Tavisha Sood
LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law) 2022/23

Embarking on the LL.M. (General) program at Trinity College Dublin was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my academic journey. The course structure, featuring modules such as EU State Aid, EU Aviation Law, EU Employment Law, Regulation of Cyberspeech, AI, and EU Trademark and Design Law, provided a well-rounded and specialized legal education.

The lecturers at TCD weren't just educators; they were mentors who made the classroom come alive. Their passion and expertise not only made the subjects fascinating but also inspired me to delve deeper into the intricacies of the law. The unique graduation ceremony in November 2023 was a beautiful culmination of my time at TCD. It wasn't just about receiving a degree; it was a celebration of the growth, challenges, and triumphs we experienced together.

Even though the initial job search after graduation, despite earning a First Honors Degree, wasn't easy – I could write a book about it – a degree from TCD opens many doors. After countless applications, a door to the aviation sector in England finally opened, marking the beginning of my professional journey. The practical knowledge gained during my time at TCD simultaneously became my compass, guiding me through the complexities of my first job.

For anyone considering the opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin, my advice is simple: seize it. The vibrant academic environment, the warmth of the faculty, and the real-world insights make TCD a remarkable choice for legal studies. It's not just an education; it's an adventure that opens doors and shapes futures.

Franziska Voigt
LL.M (General) 2022/23

I had the chance to study the LL.M Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law in the year 2022-2023. Coming out of a Covid affected undergraduate degree, I had high hopes in a year in Trinity college. Luckily, all my academic and social hopes were exceeded by the experience I had studying there. The course offered both classes in IP and IT, with a wide range of variety for any interest a student might have. As I have an interest in both topics, it was fascinating to me to enrich my knowledge in classes such as Data Protection, Regulation of Cyber-speech and AI, Ethics, Regulation and Governance.

Throughout the year, there were many career opportunities facilitated by Trinity- one of them being a Pan-European Seal Professional (PES) Traineeship at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). I applied to Trinity as the universities are the ones presenting their students to the EUIPO. I followed the application process, aided by staff in acquiring an interim diploma and was delighted when I was offered a place in the EUIPO office in Alicante.

Now in Spain, I can confirm that postgraduate studies at Trinity has the ability to not only open the door to the 1937 Postgraduate Reading Room, but also to many career opportunities. My time and experience in Trinity will forever be enriched by the friends I made, but also the education I received from staff whose great interest easily motivated me.

Aisling Garvey
LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law) 2022/23

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Master of Laws in International and European Business Law in 2022. By pursuing the LL.M. I was able to fulfil my dream of studying banking and financial services law, to live abroad for a second time after completing a traineeship at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and to develop a broad professional network spanning various jurisdictions that I can rely on in the future.

As a fully qualified German lawyer now practising tax law in Germany at one of the biggest law firms in the world while studying part-time at the University of Oxford I highly recommend studying at Trinity College Dublin not only for its academic reputation but also for its international community with students and lecturers coming from all over the world.

Academically I really enjoyed the classes taught by world-renowned lecturers. I particularly remember the “Contemporary Issues in EU Law” course which was lectured by Dr Catherine Donnelly. Dr Donnelly was not only able to teach us a vast amount of knowledge but she also had us actively engage with the subject by inviting renowned lawyers with various backgrounds which made the course an absolute highlight of the LL.M. All the courses that I took were of excellent quality and led to students critically engaging with the subject matter. The final dissertation was a great opportunity to carry out independent research and to delve deeper into a research topic of my own choice.

Living and studying at Trinity College Dublin was a truly unique experience not only due to navigating through University life during the Covid-19 pandemic but also because of the centuries-spanning history of Trinity with former students like Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Mary Robinson.

Personally, during this year in Dublin, I served as Class Representative for the International and European Business Law cohort and organised various events and get-togethers for our classmates with my fellow Class Reps and the Law School Convenor. Apart from serving as a Class Representative I also joined various University clubs and societies such as the Dublin University Equestrian Club, the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) and the College Historical Society (the Hist), the Law Society and many more, found lifelong friends and became a part of the Trinity community.

Lisa-Marie Mönch
LL.M (International and European Business Law) 2021/22

During my first visit to Trinity back in 2017, I was already captivated by the seamless blend of historical and modern elements of the stunning campus. Not only that, but the Law School is also among the best in the world owing to its academic reputation and outstanding graduate outcome. I was since aspired to be part of this prestigious community.

This opportunity came by when I discovered the LL.M. in IP and IT Law programme, areas of law which I have had developed a massive interest in during the final year of my LL.B. While similar programmes were offered by certain universities, Trinity offered the most generous level of freedom to cherry-pick from the smorgasbord of modules. Among other factors of choosing Trinity included the employability and reputation of Trinity’s law graduates, highly regarded international student support, and the unparalleled social scene within the campus community.

My selection of modules was tailor-made according to personal and potential career interest, especially my dissertation topic which had the best of both worlds. Those modules provided a deep digging into the focused topics instead of a mere high-level overview of knowledge. Moreover, classes were delivered by academics and guest lecturers whose reputation preceded them in the respective fields. We were supplied with top-notch practical knowledge and skills to study contemporary developments in the legal field, from policy-making to implementation of law. As a result, the programme furnished my ability to critically assess new legislations and policies. I believe having gained these legal research skills and a realistic understanding of the law formed a solid foundation in the job-hunting process. That plus the increased exposure to career fairs and networking events, I am lucky enough to have secured a training contract with a leading Irish law firm.

Furthermore, the LL.M. attracted high-calibre students from across the globe who were at different stages of their career, from fresh undergraduates to PhD holders and legal professionals. The highly diverse mix broadened my perspectives beyond what was taught in the curriculum, including legal-related knowledge, intercultural competency, and contemporary issues around the world. Not only the experience was insightful and intellectually nourishing, but it was also inspirational and highly sociable. We took part in countless activities together: picnics, pub crawls, sports, road trips, attending fairs and workshops, and of course, being a supportive learning buddy to one another. Lifelong friendships have been formed and these are absolutely the moments we have been reminiscing about during reunions.

All in all, my time in Trinity and the LL.M. programme was an intellectually, culturally, and socially wholesome experience.

Edward Ng
LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law) 2021/22

I chose the LL.M in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law, after having spent a year as an intern in data protection litigation and studied topics such as privacy law as an undergraduate, in order to further my understanding of the regulation of the digital age and innovation. The LL.M gave me the opportunity to take a range of subjects including data protection, patent, copyright and trade mark law - all in their European and international context. I enjoyed being able to develop my research and writing skills via the coursework-based module assessments and my dissertation on children's rights in the GDPR, where the dissertation group structure was particularly beneficial as it encourages learning from each other as well as from the direct supervisor relationship. I found the lecturers to be knowledgeable and approachable, with a real interest in cultivating students' interests.

Beyond the purely academic side, the LL.M both directly and indirectly afforded me professional opportunities. Through the Law School's partnership with the Pan-European Seal Traineeship programme of the European Patent Office and the EU Intellectual Property Office, I am now working at the EPO in Munich. Before starting the LL.M, I definitely wouldn't have expected to be working in an international organisation or learning German and living in Germany! The awareness I gained of IP topics also led me to become an intern for a popular IP blog, granting me a much deeper understanding of the wider IP landscape and the ability to write for a wider audience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the programme to others looking to broaden their academic and professional horizons.

Sophie Corke
LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law) 2019/20

It was a long-awaited dream for me to study at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the World, learning Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law from pioneer academics, passing beneath the campanile (of course not before the graduation), walking inside the astonishing Long Room of the Old Library, witnessing the history through the Book of Kells, experiencing the breathtaking Dublin and living in the Emerald Isle.

The dream became reality when I was awarded the Jean Monnet Scholarship, the longest and most prestigious scholarship programme in Turkey, in 2019 and arrived in Ireland to study LL.M. in IP & IT Law at Trinity College Dublin. It is not exaggeration to say that it was the best experience of my life when I learned Media, Trademark and Design, Data Protection, Copyright law from the top professors in their respective fields; increased my competency of law; developed my advocacy and English language skills; attended various conferences, workshops, seminars and was awarded the top score within the Media Law module as well as the associated prize and my essay, entitled “A Critical Analysis of the Existing Rules and Initiatives Fostering Media Pluralism in the European Union” was published on the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s website. Following a one-year of a fulfilling education, I graduated from Trinity College Dublin Law School with first-class honours with distinction in November 2020.

Apart from the studies and despite the pandemic, I was part of a welcoming international community, attended numerous events of College societies from hiking trips at the green hills of Ireland to heated debates of the Phil at the Graduates Memorial Building (it looks as magical as Hogwarts); made friends and colleagues for a lifetime in the House 39; partied during the rainy nights at Baile Átha Cliath; learned how to say cheers in Irish (Sláinte!) and travelled across spectacular Éire.

Trinity College Dublin is not just a College where I obtained an LL.M. degree but a milestone in my life. As our College motto reads, ‘Perpetuis futuris temporibus duraturam’, it will last into endless future times to inspire generations and to create new milestones in their lives.

İbrahim Barış Sayar
LL.M (Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law) 2019/20

I knew that I would return to Trinity from the moment I first walked through its front gate in 2016 as a tourist. I fell in love with Trinity’s beautiful and prestigious campus and was made to feel welcome by all of its students. I chose to study the LLM at Trinity for a number of reasons. After reading through the LLM’s overview on Trinity’s website it became really clear to me that, the subjects offered at Trinity really closely aligned with my professional goals and my personal interests. Also, a lot of the subjects offered at Trinity were not offered at other institutions. I was also drawn to the LLM at Trinity because of the way that course was structured, I felt that it provided students with flexibility in choosing from a wide range of subjects whilst also giving them time to focus on their research dissertation.

People often ask me what the best part about studying at Trinity College was - and that's a really difficult question to answer. There was no best part, all of it was incredible! I can honestly say that attending Trinity College in Dublin to complete the LLM was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every morning I would wake up and look forward to attending my classes at Trinity and learning from some of the world's most leading academics. I also really enjoyed being able to attend all of the events held by different societies. Whether it was attending a presentation held by the ICC's first prosecutor, listening to the debating competitions or even being able to be a part of the committee for the law colloquium in 2020, Trinity offered so many opportunities to be involved in student life and that's what made the experience so incredible. Through the LLM experience at Trinity, I was able to connect with many students from around the world whilst also being able to expand my knowledge and my skill set in international law.

I am hoping to pursue a career in human rights law. The knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout the LLM have placed me into a position where I am able to apply for jobs that I wasn’t able to prior to completing the LLM. Studying the LLM at Trinity has also opened up a number of other opportunities for me. Through the support and guidance from a number of Trinity lecturers, I am now looking into publishing articles in academic journals. Through Trinity’s mentoring program I was able to connect with a very experienced international criminal lawyer who provided me with some very good career advice and ongoing mentoring.

Leah Radatti
LL.M (International and Comparative Law) 2019/20

For my undergraduate studies, I took part in the bilingual French-German Legal Studies Programme coordinated between the University Paris Nanterre (France) and the University of Potsdam (Germany). As part of this programme, I was allowed to do an LL.M. in another country while simultaneously finishing my French Master’s degree remotely online. I wanted to seize this opportunity by going to an English-speaking country to improve my linguistically skills. While searching for a suitable university, Trinity College Dublin became very quickly my first choice. Not only does it have an amazing reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, but it also offers a large variety of modules, allowing each student to create a curriculum tailored to their specific interests, their professional goals or academic aspirations. For me, the LL.M. International and European Business Law was exactly what I was looking for, allowing me to specialise in EU competition law while also learning more about EU Law, International Tax Law and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Trinity College Dublin allows its students to be independent in their research and encourages them to aspire for greatness. While studying there I especially liked the liberties I was given for my dissertation topic: I was free to choose and change the topic as I progressed in my research, in order to write a dissertation that truly reflects my interests. But at the same time, I was also given the guidance I needed, especially in times where I felt like I was stuck during my research.

But Trinity College does not only shine due to its academic richness but also through its variety of sport clubs and societies. As a result, you will be able to have an adequate work-life balance right here on this beautiful campus or go out in one of the many charming pubs of Dublin.

As an international student, I felt immediately at home once I entered the campus. The first time you go through the front gate can only be described as magical! Trinity College Dublin is located in the heart of Dublin allowing you to explore one of the most beautiful cities Europe has to offer. And I’m certain that you will be amazed by the Irish hospitality once you come here.

The thing I probably enjoyed the most while studying at Trinity College Dublin was the amazing people, I was able to meet during my year there. If you chose Trinity as your university you will be surrounded by like-minded people, extraordinary academics, lecturers, staff and of course fellow students. Once you come to Trinity you will become part of one of the most amazing communities I ever encountered, one that is characterised by its diversity and respect towards each other. Furthermore, studying at Trinity College Dublin means encountering students from all over the world who were willing to travel great distances to study here. Besides, since most modules are interactive and all contributions by students are welcomed and valued, you will be able to compare your own legal system not only to the Irish system but also in an international context by comparing it to the legal systems of your classmates.

From my personal experience I can only say that I was always given a helping hand in times of need, and I sincerely am grateful for everybody that helped me achieve my dreams. It was an honour for me to study at Trinity College Dublin and I’m hoping to come back in the near future.As a result of everything mentioned above, I wholeheartedly recommend Trinity College Dublin and the LL.M. International and European Business Law to everybody who strives to achieve greatness and excel in their future projects because Trinity College Dublin will support you every step of the way.

Nathalie Perrard
LL.M (International and European Business Law) 2019/20

Having discovered the prospectus for the LL.M. (General) at TCD during the early stages of my undergraduate studies, ensuring receipt of a place within the postgraduate programme became a driving force throughout my studies. The eclectic range of modules offered coupled with the opportunity to advance my studies under the supervision of some of Ireland’s leading minds within the most prestigious and established school of law in the country seemed to be the ideal setting for a budding interest in higher academia.

The mind-expanding nature of the LL.M. programme is not limited to the sphere of academic achievement. The diversity of cultures and viewpoints within the student body paired impeccably with course material and lecturers intent on challenging that which I believed I knew. With professional, industry, and academic leaders as lecturers and classmates, the TCD School of Law community naturally inspired and facilitated intellectual growth, increased social and political awareness, and a greater understanding of my own potential. The unceasing support and standard of education create an environment where academic excellence is always within grasp, unveiling a pathway to a more rounded form of personal excellence in the process.

Jonathan Prunty
LL.M (General) 2019/20


I chose the LL.M in International and European Business Law at the School of Law, TCD as it offered the exact avenues of knowledge and experiences that I was seeking to begin my career as a legal professional in Ireland. With a plethora of captivating modules to choose from, the program offered platforms where students could critically analyse aspects of Business, Taxation and Company Law from across several legal jurisdictions. The interactive classrooms and highly accomplished professors made for an ideal learning environment with incredible peers from all over the world.

As the Postgraduate Student Convenor for the LL.M batch of 2019, I interacted extensively with the Law School administration and faculty, and was actively involved in the discussions surrounding its growth and upkeep. TCD gave me an unparalleled experience in terms of academics as well as social activities. Ireland on its own merit is one of the most friendly and beautiful places I have ever had the opportunity to live in, and an LL.M at TCD turned out to be the perfect icing on the cake!

I highly recommend an LL.M at the School of Law, TCD to anyone who wishes to pursue a legal career in Ireland or who is seeking to build upon their existing knowledge and understanding of law. The enviable location of the campus and its gorgeous façade will only add to your incredible experience!

Antrip Bhattacharjee
LL.M in International and European Business Law 2018-19


"The format of the LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law allows you to pick out modules that you are really interested in from a wide variety on offer, which in my case not only deepened already held interests in the area of global intellectual property policy, but also helped develop entirely new ones in fields such as audiovisual media regulation. The staff at Trinity School of Law is also very supportive, and always ready to help when you have questions or doubts.

Trinity College Dublin offers numerous opportunities to grow, with countless clubs, societies, and events on the social side of things as well as talks, seminars, and conferences on the academic side. On top of this, as a student you can access the beautiful Old Library whenever you want for free, which is great for those times when you need some inspiration.

I would highly recommend this LL.M. to anyone who is seeking to build a forward-looking legal profile and is ready to fall in love with Dublin.""

Lucas Volman
LL.M. Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, 2017-18

Lucas received the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland LL.M Essay Prize in Dr Ewa Komorek’s module, EU Digital Single Market (Media and Content Regulation). His essay, ““Is the cornerstone loose? Critical analysis of the functioning of the ‘country of origin’ principle in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, taking into account the rapid changes in the audiovisual industry and the recent challenges brought by Brexit”, was published on the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland website.

J. HOvsha

Having undertaken my Erasmus year at Trinity, I did not imagine myself studying anywhere other than the School of Law and undertaking the LL.M (International and European Business Law). This LL.M programme gave me the opportunity to specialise in the legal fields in which I had significant interest in and write a dissertation on a related legal topic, with clear and helpful advice from my dissertation supervisor. During the year, I had the opportunity to meet legal professionals, which gave me a chance to really consider the direction I would like to follow in my future legal profession. The LL.M. was an asset to my future professional career, as I aspire to work in an International Business Law Firm, possibly in Dublin.

I really appreciated being an LL.M. student. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of International and European Business Law but it gave me an opportunity to meet students from many different countries and backgrounds. I was among the youngest, but belonging to this student community was very enriching, both personally and professionally”

Léa Duly
LL.M. International and European Business Law, 2017-18

J. HOvsha

My reason for pursuing an LL.M (International and Comparative Law) at the Law School at Trinity was to get a better understanding of the global development sector. And having completed the course, I can guarantee that this was the most rewarding experience; not just in terms of academics, where I got to interact with and study under some remarkable professionals, but also in terms of an overall university experience where Trinity’s 100+ clubs and societies offer you the space to explore new things about yourself.

While I was studying about development law, I also got to experience it first hand with yet another unique feature of Trinity, its Graduate Students’ Union, an independent student body that works for the benefit of postgraduate students in the university. Working with the GSU afforded me with the opportunity of interacting with students from different disciples and allowing me to significantly grow my network. An important lesson that I learned from my year in Trinity, was that my network was my net worth.

Shonottra Kumar, GSU Postgraduate of the Year 2017

LL.M. International and Comparative Law, 2016-17

GSU Postgraduate of the Year

J. HOvsha

2015/16 Kader Asmal Fellow, Josh Hovsha, is a community organiser and educator with a passion for human rights, social justice and empowerment. Before embarking on his LL.M. at Trinity College Dublin, Josh worked with the Helen Suzman Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promoting liberal constitutional democracy in South Africa through public interest litigation, advocacy and education.

Josh undertook LL.M modules such as International Arbitration, International Humanitarian Law, International Trade Law and Judicial Review and Human Rights to further his future career promoting human rights and social justice:

"Studying International Law at Trinity College Dublin has given me the opportunity to engage with new and rewarding challenges together with passionate students and lecturers from diverse backgrounds. We share a creative learning environment, unlike any other that I have experienced."

Joshua Hovsha
(International and Comparative Law) (2015-16)

S Tyrer

2015/16 Hyman Tarlo scholarship recipient, Sam Tyrer, is a lawyer from Melbourne. Sam came to Trinity College Dublin's School of Law to develop knowledge in international law and human rights and, through the LL.M research dissertation component, to investigate alternatives to Australia’s current refugee policies. His research dissertation entitled “Australia and Southeast Asia: Regional cooperation for arrangements on refugees”, aspects of which he will present at a conference in July, did just that.

"Postgraduate study at TCD has allowed me to take my academic skills to a whole new level, and in ways that were not necessarily possible in legal practice or at an undergraduate level. Along the way, I have been challenged by teachers and new friends from an array of other legal jurisdictions. Assumptions I did not even realise I had made about how a legal system should work have been explored, and for the better."

Samuel Tyrer,

LL.M (General) 2015-16

I was part of the International and European Business Law L.L.M. The course was split into two thirds exam based subjects and a third of the allocate marks went to a dissertation project. The subject range that we were offered allowed me to focus my studies on specific areas of interest. For me, that meant undertaking modules that were relevant to international and European banking and tax law. The lecturers I encountered were practicing within the area that they were teaching which meant that our lectures touched on current issues that were relevant to our course and illustrated the topic we were working on, which gave us a contextual outlook. 

The dissertation enabled me to focus on International Tax law aspects of the digital economy, a particular area of interest to me. The course allowed me the freedom to research my topic of Interest throughout the year, while developing my knowledge of the area through lectures, although it was possible to write a dissertation that was not governed by course material.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my year doing the LL.M. and I would highly recommend the course.

Ella Weld,
LL.M. (International and European Business Law) (2015-16)

My year at Trinity College has been exciting and unique. Being part of its highly international community has been very stimulating: I met people from all over the world that, together with inspiring lecturers and a lively city, rewarded me with a 360 degrees learning experience

Francesca De Marchi 
LL.M. (International and Comparative Law) (2015-16)

I graduated with my LLM in international and comparative law from Trinity College Dublin School of Law . Before I came to Trinity, I worked in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan on justice sector reform programs and had been a practicing lawyer in the US specializing in indigent criminal defense. During my time overseas, I had the opportunity to work with colleagues and counterparts from all over the world on legal issues and in legal systems unlike my own. Through this experience, I realized that I could benefit from a more concentrated period of study on topics like comparative legal systems, Islamic law, and transitional justice to further my legal knowledge and advance my career. So I decided to look for an LLM program that could meet my needs.

I chose Trinity for a number of reasons and couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Compared to similar programs in the US, Trinity was great value for money. It also provided me with the opportunity to learn about international and comparative law from a different perspective in a setting with fellow students from countries all over the world, so my formal studies were often complemented by classmates' personal experiences and diverse viewpoints. The selection of courses and the teaching faculty are top notch.  Plus, you'd be hard pressed to find friendlier people anywhere – whether it be on staff, in the classroom, or on the streets of Dublin. I am now working for a European-based intergovernmental human rights organization, and I credit my success in this new position to what I learned at Trinity. I would highly recommend Trinity and the LLM program to anyone!

Michelle Brady LLM (International and Comparative Law) 2014-15

Beatrice Vance

Having completed my undergraduate studies in UCD and Paris, I welcomed an opportunity to study at Trinity. the LL.M. Programme has an extremely wide range of subjects available, ranging from commercial and banking modules to Islamic law and Mediation modules. The LL.M. allowed me to study and research many areas of interest to me. Trinity itself has many societies and events to be a part of. I was part of the Trinity Willem C. Vis Moot Team which travelled to Vienna in 2012. I have made many friends and participated in numerous productions with the drama society, Players. I would recommend the LL.M. programme as a chance to broaden the mind and expand the horizons of your career.


Beatrice Vance, BCL (European) (UCD), LL.M. (2011-12)

Mary Sharriff Studying at Trinity College Dublin's Law School has not only been a unique experience - it has been a rewarding experience. The LL.M. courses were current, topical and taught by major authorities in the field. Obtaining my LL.M. degree from Trinity College gave me the educational and experiential edge to compete for and secure an academic position in a Canadian Law faculty. As a tenured professor I completed my Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin. I would like to thank Trinity College Law and its enthusiastic and supportive faculty and staff for providing me with the resources and opportunities to excel professionally.

Dr. Mary J. Sharriff,
Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba



This LL.M. course provides various interesting modules to choose from, some of them are available only at the Law School of Trinity College Dublin. This course gave me the great academic experiences and great friendships. I very much enjoyed my year in Dublin and the atmosphere of the College. I would have regretted it if I had not been a part of this LL.M. and Trinity College Dublin.

Paweena Kosljitkul, Thailand
LL.M. (2010-11)


  Reading a taught LL.M. at Trinity College Dublin was a life-enhancing experience. The modules were topical and varied, taught by enthusiastic and attentive academics. The atmosphere of TCD's incredibly beautiful and historic campus was always vibrant and social. The LL.M. course gave me the opportunity to enhance my expertise from a wider, global perspective, particularly in respect of the EU legal system. I also participated in some of the many student societies on offer at TCD, which was a great way to make new friends and build up a like-minded social circle. Balancing intensive study with friendship and conversation is vital to academic success and TCD was readily able to offer this to international students. Studying at TCD was a richly rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain an internationally respected qualification, while enjoying everything that Ireland has to offer.

Emma Carroll, Australia, LL.M. (2010-11)


Dublin feels like no other place in the world. It is a welcoming and relaxed city that is at once modern and traditional, pushed forward by the likes of Google, yet rooted by Joyce and Wilde. Trinity is much the same, a vibrant university grounded by the sheer history of the place, but constantly reaching out for new and great things. They are a city and a university that I feel privileged to have called home for two years.

I had the opportunity in my final year of law school at Osgoode Hall in Toronto to complete a year-long exchange program with the Law School at Trinity. I had such an incredible experience on exchange that I applied to the LL.M. program for entry after I completed my articles (Canadian legal training process). The coursework in the LL.M. is challenging in its scope and depth, but incredibly rewarding in its requirement that one engage with one’s professors and fellow students. In my experience, however, both the professors and students in the LL.M. are eager to make the time spent together as interesting as possible. Classes are small, which means you end up knowing the coursework and your fellow students very well.

The entire point of the LL.M. is, of course, the thesis. I could not have asked for more support or flexibility than I received from my advisor, Dr. Alan D.P. Brady, the head of the program, Dr. Neville Cox, and Kelley McCabe, who always manages to make even the most complicated processes surprisingly easy. Trinity’s library has access to anything one could need with respect to research, and Dr. Brady and Dr. Cox were always an email away if I had a question or concern or just needed to talk through a proposal.

Dublin, Trinity, and the people involved in the LL.M. make it an experience that, I think, is second to none.

Sean P. Lynch, A.B. (Cornell), J.D. (Osgoode), LL.M. (TCD)
Barrister and Solicitor Of the Bar of Ontario
Visiting Student 2008-2009, LL.M. (2010-11)


I felt privileged to be a student at Trinity College. The atmosphere for study at Trinity, especially at the School of Law is wonderful. From administration to lecturers, all are very co-operative and ready to help at any time. During my studies at Trinity, I met students from all over the world, providing me with wonderful social and academic exposure. The School of Law have an excellent teaching staff who are very professional and friendly to students and possess excellent teaching skills and knowledge of their areas of law.

Irfan Ahmed, Pakistan, LL.M. (2010-11)


I am an American student who had the privilege to spend my third year of law school at Trinity College Dublin where I jointly pursued a J.D. degree from my U.S. law school and the LL.M. degree from Trinity. I count the experience as the best academic decision of my life. What particularly struck me was how the Trinity professors, in every course, asked the students to "transcend" the analytical boundaries of the law. So often, we become fixated on what is perceived as the unchanging and non-political structure of rules and their application. In such an environment, it is easy to forget that there are moral and human philosophies that underlay those structures.  The brilliant professors who run the Trinity program confront those underlying thought-structures head on and dissect them through historical and comparative analysis. By reflecting on the wider world, through documents like the East Timor domestic code and the African Charter on Human Rights, the Trinity Program allows clearer reflection on the philosophies that underlie modern (Western) political and legal systems. The academic experience was amazing and has profoundly changed the way I perceive the world.

Academics, however, are only one-half of the Trinity equation. The other half is the phenomenal students with whom you are studying. Many of the other students are Irish, though, many come from different EU countries and even further afield. A widely dispersed network of friends and cheap European airfare grants the possibility of visiting nearly anywhere in Europe and experiencing different cultures in deeper and more meaningful ways than is typically available to a normal international student. In sum, between the vibrancy of Dublin, the friendliness of your fellow students, and the academic rigor of the program, I could not recommend Trinity more highly. It was the capstone of my academic life.

Andrew Bench, United States of America, LL.M. (2010-11)