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Student Testimonials


Brady Gordon

Choosing to do my LL.M and my Ph.D at Trinity College Dublin was the best choice I could have made for my career, my life and myself. It set me up as an expert in my field, and left me with lifelong friendships with colleagues at leading universities and companies all around the world. Coming from degrees in Canada and the UK, I was struck to find that the culture at Trinity was very much one of friendliness and collaboration. I wasn't treated as "just another student", but as a member of their scholarly community. I was asked what I needed to pursue my ideas and my research, and I was paired with experts in my area and professors who knew my name. Even just the experience of studying at Trinity was remarkable. Trinity is one of the seven ancient universities and comes with a worldwide academic reputation, but it is also sitting right in the middle of Dublin - a young, bustling city at the centre of the western commercial world. Walking through the gates of Trinity every morning, and passing from this modern city into the quiet of this ancient university, was an an experience I will never forget.

Brady Gordon, LL.M, (General), Ph.D.

Alvaro Diaz

Besides my supervisor, one of the things I like the most of Trinity College Dublin is that its library has the status of a legal deposit in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. This means that it is entitled to receive all the books published in these two countries, a privilege which is shared with only a few of the most prestigious British Universities. This makes the library of the University of Dublin really impressive, with more than five million volumes. Likewise, its electronic databases are very good, so you will seldom come across an article of a legal journal which is not available for you as a Trinity College student.

Alvaro Paul Diaz, Ph.D.

Having taken on a Ph.D. in the Law School in Trinity in September 2009, I have had nothing but positive experiences to take from my journey so far. One of the most important aspects of study in Trinity for me has been the manner in which efforts have been made by those around me, Ph.D. cohorts and academics alike, to facilitate my integration into the Law School, as a non-Trinity undergraduate student.
Another constructive element of studying in Trinity has been the very useful weekly post-graduate student lunch seminar series, wherein members of the faculty and PhD students meet in order to discuss issues of practical importance such as funding, research methods and materials, and  the research experiences of individual students.  Aside from these in-faculty benefits, the library resources are probably the best in any third level institution in the country, as well as it being an attractive campus both aesthetically and location wise.

Cathal Curran, Ph.D.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trinity Law School for providing me the ideal surroundings for study and discovery. Trinity College is one of the best universities in the world with over four hundred years old tradition of scholarship, and the Trinity Law School here is the oldest and most prestigious in Ireland. Trinity College as well as the Dublin city is now very internationalized, at law school I can meet with students with various cultural backgrounds. I benefit a lot from communicating and discussing with them on different topics. I am also enjoying the postgraduate seminars and various lectures here, which help me to become more informed and cultivate my interest in my own research. Also the library here is extremely resourceful and can definitely satisfy our needs for academic work. In a word, I am very lucky and grateful that I can study in Trinity College Law School-a vibrant community full of academic atmosphere and initiative spirit.

Kuan Yang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Ph.D. Candidate