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HI4315 Germany and Italy in the Era of the First World War, 1911-23

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Module Organiser: Professor Alan Kramer
Duration: Hilary term
Contact hours: 2 hours per week
Weighting: 10 ECTS
Assessment: 80% examinations, 20% essay

This module is designed to introduce students to the history of the First World War in Germany and Italy. It will cover military events and the home front, including politics, economics, society, and culture. While sufficient attention will be paid to major developments in Germany’s war with the western powers, it will go beyond the familiar focus on the western front and enable students to study less well-known aspects such as Germany on the eastern front (Russia), and the war in the Alps between Italy and Austria-Hungary and Germany. The topics may include: the immediate causes of the war in the July crisis; Italy’s intervention; the problems of ‘national mobilization’ and war enthusiasm; agriculture and industry; intellectuals; propaganda; strategy and war aims; major battles and operations; trench warfare and the war of movement on three fronts; troop morale and combat effectiveness; military innovation; hunger, blockade, food production; crisis, breakdown, and recovery in Italy; crisis, collapse, and defeat in Germany; the memory of the war. A knowledge of German and/or Italian, although not essential, would be an advantage. Please note that the study of Britain, France, or other powers, is not a part of this module; long-term causes and long-term consequences of the war (e.g. the rise of fascism) are likewise beyond our remit.