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Professor Ruth Karras

Lecky Professor Of History


I am a scholar of medieval women, gender and sexuality. My books have dealt with slavery, prostitution, masculinity, and quasi-marital unions. My current research focuses on King David as a figure of masculinity in medieval Christian and Jewish culture, drawing on a variety of sources from across Europe. I have been active in the profession internationally both in the field of women's and gender history and the field of medieval studies.

I am interested in the intersection of social and cultural history; legal history; the history of women, gender, and sexuality. I have worked with a wide variety of sources, including court records, hagiography, and Icelandic sagas, to name a few. I have particular interests in medieval masculinities, and in the way particular stories are retold and reinterpreted across time and geographies.

Before coming to Trinity I taught in the United States at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and the University of Minnesota, where I was named Distinguished Teaching Professor for my work in teaching postgraduates. In 2018-19 I have responsibility for the modules HI1221, "Religion and Society c. 1095-c. 1517" (Michaelmas term), HI4370, "Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages" (Hilary term), and HI4389, "Medieval Marriage" (both terms). I also participate in the teaching of HI7170, "Medieval Sources."

I welcome dissertation and thesis students working on the cultural and social history of Europe in the central to later Middle Ages, including the history of women, gender, and sexuality.



  • Sexuality in Medieval Europe:  Doing Unto Others, third edition (Routledge 2017). 1st edition (2005) translated as Sexualität im Mittelalter, trans. Wolfgang Hartung (Artemis & Winkler, 2006); Seksualność w średniowiecznej Europie, trans. Arkadiusz Bugaj, (Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, 2006). 
  • Unmarriages: Women, Men, and Sexual Unions in Medieval Europe (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012).
  • From Boys to Men:  Formations of Masculinity in Late Medieval Europe (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003).         
  • Common Women:  Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England, (Oxford University Press, 1996).
  • Slavery and Society in Medieval Scandinavia (Yale University Press, 1988).  Chapter reprinted in Critical Readings on Global Slavery, ed. Damian Alan Pargas and Felicia Roşu (Brill, 2017), 699-711.

Edited Books

  • Entangled Histories:  Knowledge, Authority, and Transmission in Medieval Jewish Culture, co-edited with Elisheva Baumgarten and Katelyn Mesler (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017)
  • The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe, co-edited with Judith M. Bennett (Oxford University Press, 2013; paperback edition 2016).
  • Law and the Illicit in Medieval Europe, co-edited with Joel Kaye and E. Ann Matter (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008). 

Articles in Referred Journals

  • “Royal Masculinity in Kingless Societies,” Journal of the Haskins Society 28 (2016), 83-100.
  • “Telling the Truth about Sex in Late Medieval Paris,” Reading Medieval Studies 40 (2014), 65-81.
  • "The Aerial Battle in the Toledot Yeshu and Sodomy in the Later Middle Ages," Medieval Encounters 19 (2013) 493-533.
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  • [Cameron Bradley and Ruth Mazo Karras,] “Masculine Sexuality and a Double Standard in Early Thirteenth-Century Flanders?” Leidschrift 25 (2010), 63-77.
  • “The History of Marriage and the Myth of Friedelehe,” Early Medieval Europe 14 (2006), 119-151. 
  • “Women’s Labors:  Reproduction and Sex Work in Medieval Europe Journal of Women’s History. 15:4 (2004), 153-58.
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  • “Active/Passive, Acts/Passions:  Greek and Roman Sexualities,” American Historical Review 4 (2000), 1250-65.
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  • "Friendship and Love in the Lives of Two Twelfth-Century English Saints," Journal of Medieval History 14 (1988): 305‑20. 
  • "Pagan Survivals and Syncretism in the Conversion of Saxony," Catholic Historical Review, 72 (1986): 553‑572. 
  • "Early Twelfth-Century Bohemian Coinage in Light of a Hoard of Vladislav I," American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 30 (1985): 179‑210.

Book Chapters

  • “Sexuality in the Middle Ages,” in The Medieval World, 2d ed. Peter Linehan, Janet L. Nelson and Marios Costambeys (Routledge, 2018). 
  • [Elisheva Baumgarten, Ruth Mazo Karras, and Katelyn Mesler], “Introduction,” in Entangled Histories:  Knowledge, Authority, and Transmission in Medieval Jewish Culture, ed. Baumgarten, Karras, and Mesler (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017), 1-20.
  • [Ruth Mazo Karras and Tom Linkinen], “John/Eleanor Rykener Revisited,” in Founding Feminisms:  Essays in Honor of E. Jane Burns, ed. Laine E. Doggett and Daniel E. O’Sullivan (D.S. Brewer, 2016), 111-121.
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  • "Seventh-Century Jewellery from Frisia:  A Re-Examination," Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 4 (1985): 159‑177. 

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