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Ciaran Wallace

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ciarn Wallace


I completed my BA in History & English in 2005 at Trinity. I completed my doctorate in 2010 on Local Politics and Government in Dublin City & Suburbs: 1899 - 1914 under the supervision of David Fitzpatrick.

Research Interests

Urban history during the early modern and modern periods. This includes the role of civil society in national and community identity formation. My doctoral thesis involved a social and economic analysis of local election candidates. I work on the history of Dublin, and am interested in Scottish-Irish comparisons, civic pageantry, political cartoons and ephemera.

Recent Papers:

  • December 2011. Laboratoire d'etudes sur le monde anglophone (LERMA), Aix-Marseille Universite, Histories of Forgetting in the English And French-speaking Worlds, 19th-21st Centuries. Between remembering and forgetting:How useful is the Boer War to Irish History?
  • November 2011. Trinity College Dublin, Extramural Lecture Series People, places and pox: city life in late nineteenth-century Dublin
  • November 2011. The National Print Museum, Winter 2011 Lecture Series The Lighter Side of History: political cartoons in The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly 1905-1915
  • May 2011. Oxford University History Society Colloquium 2011, Trinity College Oxford. 'What separates man from the animals? or Why do southside girls go out with northside boys?: Dublin's social hierarchy from empire to independence'
  • January 2011. British-Irish History Seminar, Trinity College, Dublin. 'No politics here? Britishness, Irishness and separatists on Dublin's local councils 1899-1914'
  • December 2010. Crosscurrents: the Scottish-Irish Academic Initiative, University of Aberdeen. 'Pillars of the community: Mayors, Masons and Monuments in 19th Century Dublin, Edinburgh & Glasgow'.


  • I am currently working on a monograph Divided City: Dublin and its unionist townships 1899-1916.
  • 'Between remembering and forgetting: How useful is the Boer War to Irish History?' E-Rea Revue electronique d'etudes sur le monde Anglophone, University of Provence, Aix-en-Provence. [Forthcoming August 2012]
  • 'Early Sinn Fein - the anti-corruption party' in History Ireland [Forthcoming 2012]
  • 'Fighting for unionist Home Rule: competing identities in Dublin 1880-1929' Journal of Urban History, [Forthcoming 2012]
  • 'Not following Doctor's Orders: smallpox and the anti-vaccination movement in Dublin 1900-03', Voluntarism and Healthcare in Britain and Ireland, 1850-1950 Virginia Crossman & Sean Lucey (eds) [Forthcoming 2013]
  • Writing the Revolution: unheard Irish voices 1916-1923 co-authored with Eibhear Walshe [Forthcoming 2013]
  • Echlin Street Buildings 1878: Dublin's first apartment block Written for the Echlin St. Local history project, funded by Dublin City Council, Community Support Grant. (Dublin, 2010)
  • 'Lord Mayor Joseph Nannetti: a rather mild sort of rebel' in Leaders of the City? Dublin Mayors 1500-2000 Ruth McManus & Lisa Griffith eds. [Forthcoming 2012]


  • Urban History, Cambridge University Press, Vol. 38 (Part 3) December 2011. The Municipal Revolution in Ireland: a handbook of urban government in Ireland since 1800, Matthew Potter (Dublin, 2010)

Irish Left Review:

  • The Woman Who Shot Mussolini, Frances Stonor Saunders (London, 2010)
  • Fordlandia: the rise and fall of Henry Ford's forgotten jungle city, Greg Grandin (London, 2010) (external)
  • The devil and Mr Casement: one man's struggle for human rights in South America's heart of darkness, Jordan Goodman (London, 2010) (external)