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Trinity Researchers Secure Prestigious Investigator Awards
Scientists Identify New Mechanism for the Development of Schizophrenia
Three Research Projects in Department of Genetics Awarded SFI Funding
Nerve-guiding ‘Labels’
Ancient DNA Analysis Recreates Genetic History of Portugal and Spain
Bugging Cancer: Gut Bacteria and the Big C
Trinity Chases US-Ireland Research Innovation Success
Trinity Showcases Incredible ERC-funded ‘Research at the Frontier’
Scientists Discover Shared Genetic Origin for MND and Schizophrenia
New Discovery to Prevent Infections Spreading on Medical Devices
DNA from Taxidermy Specimens Explains Genetic Structure of Goats
How Cancers Trick the Immune System into Helping Them
Genomic Analysis in Yeast Reveals New Insights into Cellular Quiescence
The ‘Goldilocks’ Genes that Hold Clues to a Plethora of Diseases
Geneticists Pen New Tales of Human History with the Ink of Ancient DNA


New Genes from Scratch – Trinity Geneticist Discusses Evolution of DNA
2016 Normanby Lecture in Microbiology
Visualising How Salmonella Genes Are Regulated
Geneticists Pinpoint Three New Genes with Important Roles in MND
Ancient Farmers Had Two Distinct Roots
Plant Kingdom Provides Two New Antibiotic Candidates
Inherited Wealth: The Genius of Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics (Irish Times)
Researchers Shed New Light on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Genome Analyses Reveal Possible Dual Origins of Domesticated Dogs
Trinity Professor Eyes the Future of Gene Therapy (Silicon Republic)
Juan Pablo Labrador announced as Fellow on Trinity Monday 2016
Professor David McConnell Inaugurated as New Pro-Chancellor
Microbiology Publications in Trinity Student Scientific Review (PDF)
TCD Genetics Spin-Off Genable Technologies Sold to Spark Therapeutics
Genetically Modified Monkeys Help Study of Autism (The Guardian)
Department of Microbiology hosts DAPI Symposium (PDF)
Scientists Sequence Ancient British “Gladiator” Genomes from Roman York
Forces Holding Bacteria Together in Staphylococcal Biofilm (PDF)
Understanding ‘Immune SOS Signal’ May Lead to New Psoriasis Therapies


Scientists Sequence First Ancient Irish Human Genomes
Details of New Ussher Lectureship in Genome Analysis Announced
Regulatory Rewiring Improves Bacterial Fitness
New Target Could Eliminate Lurking Cancer Stem Cells
Scientists Fill in the Gaps of Human Hunter-Gatherer History
Research spending not an expense but an investment (Irish Times Article)
Trinity’s Life Sciences Ranked in Top 100 in Times Higher Education Subject Ranking
Students Use Synthetic Biology Approach to Create Anti-Malarial ‘BioBricks’
Trinity College Research Could Lead to ‘Novel Treatment’ for Alzheimer’s (The Journal)
Associate Professor Kevin Mitchell Launches New Book
5th Annual Meeting of Irish Fungal Society (11th - 12th June, 2015)
The Provocative Genius of James Watson (Irish Times)
Trinity Undergraduates Aim to Build Anti-Malarial ‘Biobrick’
Irish Scientists Call For ‘Rebalancing’ of Government Funding (RTE)
National Cat Survey: Results Are Not All Black and White (Irish Times)
Inaugural Edition of Trinity Student Scientific Review Includes Articles from Three School of Genetics and Microbiology Students
Boyle Medal Laureate Invites Us Into The Complex World of Cells (Irish Times)
Lager Yeast Ancestors Were Full of Eastern Promise
DNA Meat Tests: Ireland’s Growing Appetite for Food Chain Checks (BBC)
Retirement of Professor Timothy James Foster
Research Grants Awarded to Staff in Department of Microbiology (PDF)
National Survey Launched To Learn More About Cat Genetics (Irish Times)


Ground-Breaking Geneticist Wins 2014 Boyle Medal for Scientific Excellence
Gene Implicated in Parkinson’s Disease Repairs and Replaces Nerve Cells
Ancient Europeans Lactose-Intolerant for 5,000 years After Adopting Agriculture
Geneticists Discover Why Duplicate Genes are Conserved in the Genome
Skeletons in Mass Portuguese Burial Site Belonged to African Slaves
Ground-Breaking Model Explains How the Brain Learns to Filter Stimuli
Mani Ramaswami Among Five TCD Academics Honoured with Royal Irish Academy Membership
Trinity Microbiologists Win Harry Smith Vacation Studentships
Aoife McLysaght Speaks at Soapbox Science Event in Dublin
Juan-Pablo Labrador: Making New Connections in Brain Wiring
Genetics PhD Student, Victoria Mullin, Wins Inaugural Trinity Sportsperson of the Year
Frank Wellmer Announced as Fellow on Trinity Monday 2014
Scientists Make Major Breakthrough in Eye Disease Therapy
Versatility in Genetic Expression Aids Rapid Microbial Evolution
Matt Campbell Receives President of Ireland Young Researcher Award
Microbiology Student Represents Ireland in Women’s Cricket World Cup
Department Of Microbiology hosts ‘Festival of Science’ Event
Trinity Geneticists Show How Molecular Switches Coordinate the Nervous System


Aoife McLysaght Featured in Royal Institution’s Advent Calendar
Elliot Meyerowitz receives Trinity College Dublin Dawson Prize in Genetics
Genetics PhD student Victoria Mullin among 18 recipients of Trinity Sports Scholarships
Human Genetics graduate Lara Cassidy wins Bram Stoker medal at International Undergraduate Awards
Women on the verge of important breakthroughs: Ahead of Ada Lovelace Day next Tuesday, which celebrates women in science, five Irish women talk about their work
Pioneers at Trinity, including Jane Farrar, pitch their 36 innovations at tech showcase in Science Gallery
Genetics Researchers Make Advances in Understanding of Flower Development
Frank Wellmer’s research group takes step towards ‘flower within flower’
Mani Ramaswami proposes a molecular explanation for degenerative disease.
Scientists Propose a Molecular Explanation for Degenerative Disease.
Research project led by Adrian Bracken makes major breakthrough on children’s cancer
Microbiology Student Targets World University Games.
Kevin Mitchell helps a Radio DJ to reveal the result of a genetics test in front of a live audience
Microbiology Researchers Help to Discover How the Bacterium Staphylococcus Aureus that plays a vital role in spread of MRSA Colonises the Human Nose
Peter Humphries Wins Prestigious ERC Award to Research Glaucoma Prevention


Breakthrough in the Understanding of Embryonic Stem Cells Made by Research Team Led by Adrian Bracken
Biocon Partners with Trinity College Dublin to Fund Scholarships in Genetics Research for Indian PhD students
Miriam O’Callaghan Interviews Aoife McLysaght and David McConnell
“If Smart Is the Norm, Stupidity Gets More Interesting” (The New York Times)
Research by Ron Pinhasi Provides a New Take on How Evolution has Shaped Modern Europeans
Samuel Wuest and Diarmuid O’Maoileidigh Advance Understanding of How Flowers are Formed