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The Nion UltraSTEM

The Nion UltraSTEM is a state-of-the-art scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) capable of imaging and spectroscopy with atomic resolution. Spectroscopy is performed using a high solid angle (~0.7 sr) X-ray detector and a modern electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS). An ultrahigh- brightness cold-field-emission electron source enables atomic size probes with high current. This combined with high resolution spectroscopy and the ability to work at a range of operating voltages from 200 keV down to 40 keV makes this a flexible instrument for characterising a range of materials.< /br> The UltraSTEM has been installed in a custom built enclosure for maximum thermal stability and low magnetic fields enabling consistent, reproducible results.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating acceleration voltage 40 kV / 60 kV / 200 kV
  • STEM Resolution of 0.78 Å at 200 kV, and 1.4 Å at 40 kV
  • EELS Energy resolution 0.35 eV
The Nion UltraSTEM