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Zeiss ORION Nanofab

Installed in November 2015, the ORION Nanofab is the only instrument of its kind in Ireland. Equipped with gallium, neon, and helium beams, the Nanofab combines high-resolution imaging with the fast, efficient milling capabilities of a FIB, for high precision and high-throughput. Seamlessly switch between Ga- for removal of massive material, Ne- for high speed, high throughput nanofabrication, and He- for delicate, sub-10 nm nanofabrication, and high resolution imaging.
The tool is also well suited to imaging challenging sample sets such as polymer based systems and biological specimens, due to the absence of charging effects traditionally associated with SEM. The Nanofab is also equipped with both Raith Multibeam and Fibics beam-blanker controllers and software, enabling users to translate complex CAD drawings onto their sample, either through ion milling, or ionbeam lithography.

Technical Specifications

  • Equipped with gallium, neon, and helium beams.
  • Capable of 0.5 nm resolution.
  • He- and Ne- ion lithography capabilities.
  • Raith Multibeam & Fibics beamblanker controllers.


Zeiss ORION Nanofab