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Fishione 1040 NanoMill

The Fishione 1040 NanoMill is an instrument designed specifically to prepare samples for investigation with TEM. The Argon based ion beam enables the production of higher quality samples by removing any damage that occurs as a result of milling with a Focused Ion Beam. The nature of the Argon beam itself reduces the likelihood of implantation in the sample, rendering a cleaner image following examination under TEM. Capable of accelerating potentials as low as 50eV, the 1040 NanoMill offers unparalleled control over the ions produced in the system. < /br> It also features a liquid nitrogen cooling system to ensure that temperature sensitive specimens can be milled without fear of degradation.

Technical Specifications

  • Ion beam currents range from 0.1 - 300µA
  • Secondary Electron (SE) detector
  • Accelerating voltage range from 50eV-2000eV
The Fishione 1040 NanoMill