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Zeiss SUPRA 40

The Supra FESEM is primarily used for high resolution electron beam lithography and imaging purposes, however this scope has been broadened with the recent installation of Bruker EDX and EBSD detectors, facilitating materials and elemental analysis. The Supra’s GEMINI® FESEM column affords superb resolution down to 0.1 kV, a high efficiency In-lens SE detector, minimal adjustments when changing operating voltage and low magnetic fields at specimen level.< /br> A high-speed Raith beam-blanker/controller enables users to perform resist-based lithography of CAD designs.

Technical Specifications

  • GEMINI® FESEM column capable of 1 nm resolution.
  • Raith Quantum™ high-speed beam blanker and software for precision electron beam lithography up to 30 kV.
  • Bruker XFlash® 6|30 EDX and e-FlashHR EBSD detectors, for materials and elemental analysis
  • The AML boasts a class 10000 cleanroom with fume hoods, wet bench, and spinners for resist based lithography.
Zeiss SUPRA 40