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FEI Titan 80 – 300kV FEG S/TEM

The FEI Titan 80 – 300kV FEG S/TEM (Scanning / Transmission Electron Microscope) is a powerful instrument capable of high resolution S/TEM imaging and nanoscale analytical materials characterisation. It is equipped with an EDAX EDX detector and a Gatan Tridiem spectrometer for EELS and EFTEM. These analytical capabilities provide information on a material’s chemical composition, ideally suited to materials qualification, nano-metrology, device testing and characterisation of a wide variety of nanoparticles and chip based materials. Within the AML, the Titan acts as our high end analytical S/TEM. Combined EDX/EELS capabilities in STEM mode, and EFTEM, make it a powerful tool for local nano-compositional analysis. It also acts as a screening instrument for our Nion UltraSTEM 200. These capabilities are supported by our suite of sample preparation instrumentation.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating acceleration voltages 80 kV / 300 kV
  • Information limit 0.1 nm
  • STEM Resolution 0.2 nm, bright field, dark field and high angle annular dark field detectors
  • EELS Energy resolution <0.8 eV
  • Nanoscale Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectroscopy
  • Complimentary simultaneous EDX/EELS STEM based analysis
  • In-situ thermal, cryogenic, fluid and electrical capabilities.

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FEI Titan 80 – 300kV FEG S/TEM

HAADF STEM images of WO3 in its three phases, hydrated-orthorhombic, hexagonal and monoclinic, respectively HAADF STEM image of WO3 displaying the formation of a seamless interface between the hexagonal and monoclinic phases