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Zeiss ULTRA plus Cryo SEM

The Zeiss Ultra SEM can function as a standalone field emission SEM but also has the added advantage of cryo imaging capabilities. Cryo SEM offers the opportunity to capture high resolution images of frozen, fully hydrated samples in a condition very close to their native state. Cryo SEM is effective for imaging samples that would be deemed ‘difficult’ in a standard high vacuum SEM. Liquid samples, high water content samples and unstable, beam sensitive samples can be quickly prepared and imaged at high vacuum resolutions.< /br> Additional benefits include the ability to expose internal structures by freeze fracture and controlled sublimation. The food industry has been a very active user of cryo SEM over the years. Recently, other industries have become more aware of the advantages of this imaging technique. Cryo SEM has become an essential tool for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and healthcare industries, in both R&D and quality assurance. The Ultra plus is also equipped with an 80mm² Oxford EDX detector (129 eV resolution).

Technical Specifications

  • Accelerating voltage range 0.1 kV – 30 kV
  • GEMINI® FESEM column capable of 1 nm resolution at 15 kV.
  • InLens, SE2, AsB, EsB, and EDX detectors.
Zeiss ULTRA plus Cryo SEM