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Zeiss ULTRA plus

This is a high resolution and analytical field emission Scanning Electron Microscope. Equipped with both InLens and SE2 detectors, users can obtain high resolution and topographical details of their samples, respectively. It also has an energy selective backscatter detector (EsB) for low kV compositional details of the samples. The Zeiss Gemini column gives very good resolution at low kV landing energies that allow surface details to be inspected and observed.< /br> The system also has STEM-in-SEM capabilities, which can give some basic bright field or dark field STEM imaging capability at 30 kV. A 20mm² Oxford Inca EDX detector enables elemental identification on samples with an energy resolution of 129 eV. This SEM is a heavily utilised system that is used by all AML customers to give them further insight into their samples, particles, surfaces, layers and experimental results. A micromanipulator probing system can be connected to this SEM for probing capability.

Technical Specifications

  • Acceleration voltage range 0.1 kV – 30 kV.
  • GEMINI® FESEM column capable of 1 nm resolution at 15 kV
  • InLens, EsB, SE2, STEM and EDX detectors.
The Nion UltraSTEM