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The cost of energy is a dominant factor in determining the profitability of any manufacturing business. Large multi-national companies are therefore very concerned by the efficiency and sustainability of their energy usage, as are government organisations. 

Ireland and the other European Union member states are the international leaders in energy efficiency and energy sustainability. Our leadership is driven by the European target to produce a 30% reduction in energy usage and CO2 production by 2030. The energy innovations that will deliver this target will be underpinned by graduates strong in the discipline of energy science. 

In addition to environmental and energy regulating authorities, graduates of the MSc in Energy Science have knowledge and skills directly applicable to a host of energy orientated industries, including; power generation and distribution; electronics, automotive, aviation, construction and oil & gas. For graduates interested in academic research, the societal pursuit of clean and secure Energy is at the heart of the research agenda of every major country. 

Upon completion students develop a wide range of skills: excellent communication skills, scientific skills, analytical skills, IT, organisational skills and critical thinking which are valued by employers in engineering, oil and gas and many other industries. Transferable skills gained during M.Sc. Energy Science opens up perspectives to other industries which are not directly related to the degree leaving students with a big spectrum of career opportunities. 

Information on careers that our MSc in Energy Science graduates have progressed to is available here. 


Immediate Right to Work in Ireland

Under the Third Level Graduate Scheme the Irish Government allows both EU and non-EU/EEA students obtaining a MSc in Energy Science 24 months to seek employment in Ireland. See more on the Stamp 1G scheme here.