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Summary of Taught Module Topics

Module I CH7001: Introduction to Energy Science 10 ECTS (60 lectures)
(1) Introduction to Energy Science, Prof. Stephen Dooley (2 lectures)
(2) Environmental Impact of Energy Utilisation, Prof. Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco (12 lectures)
(3) Economics of Energy & Energy Regulation & Policy, Prof. Stephen Dooley (15 lectures)
(4) Thermodynamics, Reaction Kinetics and Heat Transfer, Prof. Max Garcia Melchor (12 lectures)
(5) Energy Storage Electromagnetism, Prof. David McCloskey (12 lectures)
(6) Materials for Energy Applications, Prof. Peter Dunne (7 lectures)

Module II PY7001: Conventional Energy Sources and Technologies 10 ECT (40 lectures)
(7) Fossil Fuels, Combustion, Engines and Emissions, Prof. Stephen Dooley (25 lectures)
(8) Nuclear Energy Reactions, Materials and Reactor Technologies, Prof. Robert Baker, Prof. Plamen Stamenov (15 lectures)

Module III PY7002: Electric Power Generation and Distribution 10 ECT (40 lectures)
(9) Electric Machines and Power Electronics, Dr. Malabika Basu (20 lectures)
(10) Power Systems Analysis and Smart Grids, Prof. David McCloskey (20 lectures)

Module IV CH7002: Sustainable Energy Sources and Technologies I 10 ECT (40 lectures)
(11) Electrochemical Cell Technology, Prof. Max Garcia Melchor, Prof. Michael Lyons, (12 lectures)
(12) Wind Energy Generation and Utilisation, Prof. Biswajit Basu (28 lectures)

Module V CH7003: Sustainable Energy Sources and Technologies II 10 ECT (40 lectures)
(13) Photovoltaics, Prof. Peter Dunne, Prof. Iouri Gounko (13 lectures)
(14) Biomass, Biofuels and Hydrogen, Prof. Max Garcia Melchor (14 lectures)
(15) Carbon Dioxide and Captue & Storage, Prof. Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco (13 lectures)

Module VI GL7001: Managing the Impact of Energy Utilisation 10 ECT (40 lectures)
(16) Raw Materials and Natural Resource Management, Prof. Sean McClenaghan (15 lectures)
(17) Energy Critical Raw Materials, Prof. Balz Kamber (15 lectures)
(18) Nuclear Safety and Environmental Impact, Mr. Kilian Smith (10 lectures)