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Trinty Civic Engagement Award Announcement

Through our teaching, research and public engagement, we courageously advance the cause of a pluralistic, just and sustainable society. (Strategic Plan 2020-2025)

Civic Engagement Awards for Staff

Celebration of our staff and research students undertaking civic engagement projects and initiatives June 2022.

The Trinity Civic Engagement Awards (formerly the Registrar's Civic Engagement Award) aim to recognise exceptional contributions made by staff to civic engagement, advancing our goal to benefit the public good. It acts as an inspiration to others and a means of highlighting such valuable work. The Award aims to recognise exceptional contributions made by staff to civic engagement, advancing our goal to benefit the public good.

Awardees 2022

Best Civic Engagement Project

Dr Mary Rogan, School of Law Awarded Best Civic Engagement Project

Mary Rogan's work seeks to promote greater understanding of, and respect for, human rights in places where they can be vulnerable - prisons. Mary works with activists, policymakers at the domestic and international level, researchers, and people affected by imprisonment in her teaching and research. She is the Chairperson of the Implementation and Oversight Group for the Penal Policy Review Group report, which was the first strategic review of penal policy in Ireland. She is a former Chairperson of the Irish Penal Reform Trust. Her ERC-funded research has been used by the Inspector of Prisons in its first-ever framework for inspection, by the Council of Europe in drafting new minimum standards for prisons in Europe. She also directs the first capstone module in Trinity to work with an NGO on prison issues. Find out more on Twitter @MaryRogan

Best Civic Engagement Initiative

Headshot of a women with dark hair wearing a striped shirt. She is facing the screen with a soft smile. She wears thing rimmed glasses. Her body is side on to the camera but her face looks out confidently to the lens. Ms Lena Doherty, Faculty of Health Sciences Awarded Best Civic Engagement Initiative

Ms Lena Doherty is the Faculty Administrator for Health Sciences in Trinity College Dublin, having worked previously in the schools of Dental Science and Nursing & Midwifery during her 17 years with Trinity. Lena is a founding member of the Healthy Trinity committee as well as having established the Faculty's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group. She is a graduate of UCD with a BA (Hons) in English and Greek & Roman Civilisation, and holds a Diploma in Project Management from Dublin Business School. The Academic Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) in Tallaght facilitates innovative service Delivery, Advocacy, Research and Education for health and wellbeing in Tallaght. The vision for the APCC is to contribute to a future in which Tallaght is a community where no one is left behind and everyone shares good health. Alongside the local benefits of innovating community health in this way, research outputs will generate evidence to support similar initiatives in other communities and to inform policy in supporting such innovation. The APCC connect with An Cosan @an_cosan.

Highly Commended

A black and white headshot of a bearded man three quarters on to the camera. He has his arms folded in front of his chest and his face towards the camera.

Professor Desmond O’Neill, Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine at Tallaght University Hospital and Trinity College Dublin: he is also the Director of the National Office for Traffic Medicine. His major field of research is that of transportation, ageing and older drivers. In addition to many peer-reviewed papers he has written chapters on driving and health for three international textbooks of geriatric medicine, two international textbooks of dementia care, two textbooks of medical ethics, and an Irish textbook of geriatric medicine. In addition, he was co-author of a major OECD report on transport in later life and contributed to a similar report for the US Transportation Research Board. Find out more @Age_Matters @RCPI_TrafficMed

A colour photo of a man in a blue suit with white shirt and a red tie, facing the camera accepting an award.

Current Chemistry Investigators (CCI) is an informal education project about the science of energy storage and chemical analysis. It provides students, teachers and the public with hands-on activities based on simple electrochemistry and electroanalytical concepts through tangible scientific role models. It also provides Irish researchers with valuable and beneficial experience in science communication, to help them develop skills to share their research to wider audiences. Using an Irish context, this project will create an appreciation for the role of chemistry research in everyday life, increasing interest in this vital area for the benefit of everyone’s future. Find out more on Twitter @drjohnodonoghue @currentchemIRL