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Dean of Students Volunteer Awards

Dean's List for Volunteering Application Process 2023

Deadline for applications is FRIDAY 3RD MARCH 2023

Please read the information below carefully. There have been slight changes since the 2022 process.

Check-list for 2023 Applications

  • Completed application form
  • Contact details for reference included in form (please include 2, one will be a back-up)
  • ONE completed reflection pdf
  • Description:    This category recognises participation in a volunteering activity and personal reflection on the impact of the activity on themselves and the group/individual. 

    Eligibility:  Please consider the Trinity Graduate Attributes when applying for this award. Reflective practice is a deliberate way of thinking that leads to change in action. As part of the application you are asked to submit 1 reflection using the Online Guided Reflection Tool. These will not be assessed themselves. However, you may find them useful to use as you fill out the reflection below (you may copy and paste from reflections you have already completed).  Throughout your lives you will be expected to understand how you interact with people, work and perform, to play to your strengths and to identify and work on your weaknesses. The ability to reflect is linked Trinity's Graduate Attributes: to think independently, to act responsibly, and to communicate effectively. You may wish to refer to the Graduate Attributes and Principles to guide your reflection. They can be seen on the Graduate Attributes webpage. An online application form indicating that you have fulfilled the requirements. Specific criteria are:

  • The role/task undertaken was extra-curricular and without payment. You now MAY apply using volunteering experience with course credit.
  • ONE reflection using the online guided reflection tool.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of activity
  • the activity must be associated with no more than 3 organisations.
  • Evaluation: The applicant should complete the application form, providing evidence of reflection on how they are different from before they volunteered (e.g. what have they learned and how have their attitudes changed) and how the organisation/individual has benefitted from the applicant's involvement.

    Application: Dean of Students' List for Volunteering Application Friday 3rd March 2023