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Dean of Students Volunteer Awards

Trinity Legacy Award for Volunteering

Nomination submission is 17th February 2023.
Shortlisted application forms and portfolio deadline is 3rd March 2023
Online Nominations by 17th February 2023. The student will then be notified about making an online submission.

Description: With this award, Trinity acknowledges exceptional students or graduates who, during time in Trinity, have left a legacy based on their contribution, leadership over time, and innovation in bringing about a permanent or sustained positive impact on the organisation/individuals they are working with. Because of the very high standards associated with this award a maximum of 3 will be presented in any year. It is not expected that it will be given every year.
Eligibility: Third-party nomination only by the organisation/individuals. While it is expected that most of the criteria for the Leadership Award will be met by nominees, eligibility will also be based on evidence of having left a lasting legacy. Following nomination from the organisation, the nominee will be invited to apply by submitting a portfolio.
Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on a portfolio and, on occasion, an interview. The portfolio should focus on the lasting effects of the applicant’s participation, innovation, and leadership and how the organisation has benefitted in a way that continues after the applicant leaves. The portfolio should demonstrate, among other things:

  • that they have, from their own initiative, undertaken a role/ activity outside the regular practice of an organisation/society/individual that has had a significant constructive and lasting impact
  • a substantial and impressive personal and professional development during the undertaking of their role/task
  • That they can reflect personally on the purpose behind their actions and their motivation to undertake the changes/improvements they have implemented
  • how they have attempted to ensure the sustainability of their actions and the consequential improvements/changes made
  • that the role/task undertaken was extra-curricular and without payment
  • that their undertakings could be used as an example of excellence for future
  • volunteers/contributors
  • that their actions have left an indelible positive transformation embraced by the organisation/society/individual.
  • Application: Nomination formsdeadline extended to17th February 2023
    Invited portfolios and application deadline 3rd March 2023