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Dean of Students Volunteer Awards

Dean of Students' Leadership Award for Volunteering

Dean's Leadership Awards for Volunteering Applications Process 2023

Deadline for applications Friday 3rd March 2023
Deadline for third-party nominations Friday 17th February 2023
Civic Engagement Officer, Simone Cameron-Coen at

Check-list for 2023 Applications

  • Completed online application form
  • Contact details for 2 references included in form (one is for back-up)
  • One completed reflection pdf
  • Description: With this award, Trinity acknowledges students who have contributed significantly to an organisation/individual. Recipients should have a clearly defined leadership role within the organisation that involves managing other people, being accountable for projects/initiatives, and motivating other students to volunteer.
    Eligibility: Self-nomination or 3rd party nomination. In the case of self-nomination, the applicant will have to provide contact details for their volunteer manager or chair of soceity/club.
    Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on (1) a self-assessment form by the applicant and (2) testimonials from people in the organisation above and below the applicant.(3) one reflection using the Online Guided Reflection Tool. In addition to fulfilling the criteria for the Contribution category, the self-assessment and testimonials must provide evidence that the applicant has, among other things:

  • taken on a high level of accountability and responsibility in named projects and initiatives;
  • filled a specific leadership role in the organisation and managed/ recruited other people;
  • exceeded the requirements of the role/task they have undertaken;
  • carried out their contribution over a sustained period of time;
  • learned and applied key management skills (e.g. communication, HR skills, project management, event management);
  • reflected personally on their approach to leadership, and the reasons they took on a leadership role;
  • reflected personally on the impact and value their leadership has had on them and the organisation/society/individuals.
  • Application: Applications Forms need to be completed by 3rd March 2023.
    If you are an organization nominating a student, please use the third-party nomination form by 17th February 2023 The student will be notified of his/her nomination and invited to apply.