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Poster Presentations

Courtney McGrath, 4th year BA student in Business & Sociology, talks about her experience of poster presentations

What do poster presentations look like in your discipline? 

A poster presentation would be a group work assessment where the group would produce a script and then present a poster of the information. It is more common in my Business modules as they are suitable for giving more details of start-up enterprises.

How do you prepare a poster presentation?

To prepare for this assessment, students must have access to a website or application that allows them to make a poster or presentation. I would recommend using Canva as it is free and has various templates for students to choose from. Students can work collaboratively on the poster together or decide who will be in charge of ensuring the poster is visually appealing. Once the information is put into the poster, if you present the poster, you should break down the contents on to presentation slides so that the class and lecturer can clearly understand the presentation.

Tell us about your experience of doing poster presentations

I enjoyed this assessment style as it allows the student to be more creative. It could be challenging if there are no creative members in your group or have technical difficulties. I also think this assessment could be unfair, as some groups may purchase better software to make presentations. There needs to be a clear understanding of how students can access suitable free materials. If it is a course that requires creativity, such as art or graphic design, I would understand being marked for creativity. However, for subjects like business and sociology, the content should be the most important.

What advice would you give to someone doing poster presentations?

Play to your strengths. If you are more creative, do take the role of being in charge of the poster. This way or team members can focus on the content and presenting to the class. When making your poster try not to overcrowd it with information and make sure it will be readable, and the points are clear and concise.

What tools/digital technologies do you use to create poster presentations? 

  • Canva
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Docs (to work together on the script)


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