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Making effective use of Teaching Assistants in lab based disciplines.

Dates and Times:

In person - Thursday 14th of September from 15.00 to 16.00 


Room 1.03, 3-4 Foster Place


Prof Andrew Garrard, Dr Matteo Di Benedetti &
Dr Harry Day, University of Sheffield

Making effective use of Teaching Assistants in lab based disciplines.

Join a team of educators from the University of Sheffield for a workshop exploring how to unlock the full potential of teaching assistants (TAs) in the classroom. Our session delves into questions surrounding the utilisation and training of TAs, introducing the innovative methods used in Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering.

The session will include

  • Leveraging Teaching Assistants: Understand the pivotal role TAs play in enriching the learning experience, enhancing student engagement, and contributing to academic excellence.
  • Investing in Training: Discover the rationale behind investing in TA training and how it aligns with your institution's commitment to educational quality.
  • The Sheffield Method: How the University of Sheffield trains TAs in our labs to maximise the return on the investment of time and money.

We hope this interactive workshop will encourage you to reconsider how teaching assistants integrate into the broader context of higher education, can be used to save you time, and enrich your student’s education. 

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