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Environmental Science

Our natural resources need to be managed sustainably. Environmental Sciences is a multidisciplinary subject that focuses on understanding and mitigating the impact of human populations on natural systems and processes.


Is this course for me?

By studying Environmental Sciences, you will equip yourself with the knowledge and problem-solving abilities to tackle some of the world’s most challenging environmental problems. The degree programme comprises a range of specially designed modules plus suitable modules from the various disciplines in the School of Natural Sciences together with contributions from the School of Engineering. Throughout the programme, strong emphasis is placed on students acquiring practical laboratory and field skills.

Course Structure

The degree in Environmental Sciences is taught through all four Disciplines in the School of Natural Sciences together with contributions from the School of Engineering. The degree structure is designed to provide for the needs of students with an interest in this rapidly developing academic and professional field.

The degree programme comprises specially designed modules plus suitable modules from the contributing Disciplines. Strong emphasis is placed on students acquiring practical laboratory and field skills.

There is ample choice within optional modules for a selection which reflects a particular student’s interests. Please take a look at the course handbooks for our third and fourth-year programmes.

Field work is a core component of the course structure. Students attend field courses in both their Junior (third) and Senior (fourth) Sophister years. There are field courses to choose from in a wide range of modules, taking place throughout Ireland, in the Canary Islands and Africa.

How to apply

The B.A. (Mod.) in Environmental Sciences is a four year degree, with entry through the Science (TR060) degree. Places in TR060 are allocated by the CAO on the basis of Leaving Certificate points and there is an equivalent conversion for A-levels and other qualifications - contact the Admissions Office for an up-to-date scale.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates develop an excellent foundation for a wide range of careers. We are proud of the achievements of our graduates who have succeeded across a wide range of industries including: academic research, education, veterinary, medical, journalism, technology, banking, exploration, tourism, environmental consultancy, career development, conservation, natural resource management, public service, aquaculture and film-making. Throughout our students time here we provide inspiration, guidance, feedback and practice to enable students to embark on fulfilling and life-long learning in zoology and the natural sciences, regardless of their destination after graduation.

Peer Mentoring (Student 2 Student)

From the moment you arrive in College right the way through to your end of year exams Student 2 Student (S2S) is here to make sure your first year is fun, engaging and a great foundation for the rest of your time in Trinity. You’ll meet your two S2S mentors in Freshers’ Week and they’ll make sure you know other people in your course before your classes even start. They’ll keep in regular touch with you throughout your first year and invite you to events on and off campus. They’ll also give you useful information about your course and what to look out for. Mentors are students who have been through first year and know exactly what it feels like, so you never have to worry about asking them a question or talking to them about anything that’s worrying you.

S2S also offers trained Peer Supporters if you want to talk confidentially to another student or just to meet a friendly face for a coffee and a chat.

S2S is supported by the Senior Tutor's Office and the Student Counselling Service. See for more information or e-mail