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Development Practice (M.Sc. /P.Grad.Dip.)

This one year Masters in Development Practice encompasses an integrated theoretical and practical approach with multidisciplinary training in four “pillars”- health, natural, social, and management sciences.


Is this course for me?

The Master in Development Practice (MDP) is a world leading and uniquely innovative programme that blends science and social science to further international development. It is part of a global network with a Secretariat at the Earth Institute, Columbia University in New York (and was the only programme to receive seed funding in Europe in the first round). In the programme, students are exposed to leading edge scientific and social science techniques and researchers in order to develop international development solutions. The MDP is part of the only global educational network of its kind, involving 30 universities across all continents. In it, students receive leading edge transdisciplinary training in four “pillars”- health, natural, social, management sciences and

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Julia Daly

Being an MDP student has been a tremendous learning experience for me. This program has offered me a multidisciplinary approach to international development and has exposed me to great minds from all over the world. I have particularly enjoyed learning from my fellow students about their unique educational backgrounds and global development experiences. The international selection of students and faculty in this program prepares students for employment in the multicultural world of development practitioners. The Dublin MDP particularly cultivates an atmosphere of invaluable insights and internationalism that are not offered by many similar programs.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates develop an excellent foundation for a wide range of careers. We are proud of the achievements of our graduates who have succeeded across a wide range of industries including: academic research, education, veterinary, medical, journalism, technology, banking, exploration, tourism, environmental consultancy, career development, conservation, natural resource management, public service, aquaculture and film-making. Throughout our students time here we provide inspiration, guidance, feedback and practice to enable students to embark on fulfilling and life-long learning in zoology and the natural sciences, regardless of their destination after graduation.