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Dr. Nessa O'Connor
Associate Professor, Zoology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kapletia, D. and O'Connor, N. and Rhodes, M.L. and Mulcahy, D., Community-driven business models for seaweed farming: the 'C-FAARER' approach, 2023 Conference Paper, 2023 DOI

Schertenleib, K.S.H. and Bruen, M. and Crowe, T.P. and O'Connor, N.E., Linking environmental monitoring data and the predicted effects of climate change for urban coastal management: A case study of Dublin Bay, Journal of Sea Research, 196, (102442), 2023 Journal Article, 2023 DOI

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Gilson, AR, Smale, DA, Burrows, MT, O"Connor, NE, Spatio-temporal variability in the deposition of beach-cast kelp (wrack) and inter-specific differences in degradation rates, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 674, 2021, p89-102 Journal Article, 2021 TARA - Full Text DOI

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Research Expertise


Aquatic Ecology; Coastal Environmental Change; Coastal management and conservation; Coastal Processes; ECOLOGY; Ecology, Ecosystems; MARINE; Marine and Ocean Sciences; MARINE AQUACULTURE; Marine Biology; Marine pollution; Marine science and Fisheries biology; Marine Zoology; MARINE-ENVIRONMENT; RESTORATION ECOLOGY