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Each year we receive formal feedback from students who have used our various services.

Here are a few comments:

'Felt that if I had come to the service sooner I would not have fallen so far behind and it would have been easier to catch up.'
'Group therapy at the Counselling Service has been incredibly helpful for me. I would particularly recommend it to anyone who finds it tough to open up about their difficulties. The counsellors involved help to create a very empathetic and mutually supportive environment where you can discuss things with peers who may be trying to come to terms with similar issues.'
'It helped to promote positive thoughts and to realise that my problems were quite normal in relation to anxiety towards exams.'
'I was able to talk to someone objective, was listened too and felt cared about, and also got good advice'.
'Good to feel like I was taking a proactive step towards change. Counsellor was very calm and supportive which is really what I needed more than anything.'
'In the midst of great personal problems it helped me to hang on in there.'
'I think that it has been essential for me to go through psychotherapy to remain in the academic system and the most important thing about my time here at Trinity has been that the Student Counselling Service was constantly available to me cost-free.'
'I could continue on a better frame of mind.'
'My mind is less preoccupied with problems so I can focus more on my research.'
'I was able to face the panic that was becoming endemic when I sat down to work.'
'Helps me to get things clear in my head and gave me good advice, identified what my fears were and helped me overcome them and improve my academic performance.'
'Before I started attending the learning support programme, I didn't know how to write and reference an essay but now I have made some improvement on it.'
'I received very valuable help from people that I could trust'
'It has been quite useful to me in gaining a further understanding of myself and my behaviours.'
'Most useful: very understanding, empathetic and open minded counsellor.'

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Last updated 16 December 2015