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Manufacturing Technology & Systems

The research interests of the Manufacturing Technology & Systems group include grinding, forming, high speed machining and joining, and the processing and characterisation of polymers and polymer-matrix composites. As well as these core themes, the group undertakes research in the areas of micro-manufacturing and nanocomposites including micro-form-rolling, micro-feature characterisation of grinding tools, process monitoring in micro machining and polymer-clay nanocomposite development. Applications span automotive, aerospace, construction, biodegradable packaging and plastics recycling through to ICT and biomedical technologies. The research group undertakes research work at three levels:

  • Fundamental science underpinning manufacturing processes and the formation of nanocomposites and clay reinforcement
  • Application investigations in manufacturing process and polymer nanocomposite development
  • Direct industry collaboration on short term projects including consulting
The group is active in the area of Environmentally Benign Manufacturing including topics such as energy efficiency in manufacturing processes, cleaner production such as minimal cooling strategies and developments in tissue scaffolds, biodegradable packaging and plastic recycling. The research group is characterised by a strong level of interdisciplinary collaboration within the Department on topics such as micro-cooling devices, micro-bio-medical devices and signal processing.

Group Leaders

Current Research Projects

Completed Research Projects

Research Staff and Students

Name Position Tel. Email
Dr. Garret O'Donnell Assistant Professor +353 1 896 1184 [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Kevin Kelly Assistant Professor +353 1 896 1465 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Rocco Lupoi Assistant Professor +353 1 896 1729 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Daniel Trimble Assistant Professor [javascript protected email address]
Prof. John Monaghan Professor Emeritus +353 1 896 1464 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Shaun Mc Fadden Adjunct Assistant Professor +44 28 7167 5653 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Sean Nolan Postdoctoral Research Fellow [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Barry Aldwell Postdoctoral Research Fellow +353 1 896 2396 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Stuart Murphy Postdoctoral Research Fellow [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Shuo Yin Postdoctoral Research Fellow [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Darren McDonnell Postgraduate Research Student [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Jeff Morgan Postgraduate Research Student [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Mark Culleton Postgraduate Research Student [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Morten Meyer Postgraduate Research Student +353 1 896 3431 [javascript protected email address]


Name Position Tel. Email
Dr. Paul Harris Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory
University of California, Davis
[javascript protected email address]

Equipment and Facilities

  • Cold Spray
  • DEFORM modelling software
  • Micro-form-rolling machine
  • Kistler force measurement equipment
  • Vibration and Acoustic Emission sensors
  • Power measurement sensors
  • Micromilling machine
  • Aerotech precision axes
  • Westwind spindles
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Benchtop injection moulding machine
  • Charpy impact tester