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Prospective students

Is this the right course for you?
Do you like the creative, analytical, problem-solving focus of engineering? Do you like the diversity of engineering? Perhaps, though, you see your professional life more involved with running a company, managing projects, or being a consultant? If any of these describes you, then you should consider this course. The diversity and flexibility of this course will give you endless possibilities in your professional life, both in what you do and how you do it. As well as providing the core competencies for employment in research, manufacturing, production, design and engineering consultancy, the breadth of course equips graduates to compete favourably with general graduates for careers in the business and financial sectors.

A key feature of the Engineering with Management programme is that the class size is capped at 20 students. This reflects a core belief in the value of small-group teaching and hands-on exercises, and delivered through active learning strategies implemented by our world class staff.

Course overview
The course is a fully accredited professional engineering degree that produces graduate engineers capable of working in the competitive environment of world-class manufacturing. To achieve this, the syllabus integrates management subjects with a proven engineering programme.

Approximately 80% of the syllabus comprises engineering subjects such as design, automation, computer simulation/modelling, bio-engineering and materials. The remaining 20% comprises management subjects such as marketing, finance, quality systems, operations strategy, and human resources management, amongst others.

The syllabus is ambitious and diverse and will appeal to students who wish to broaden a traditional engineering degree with business and management skills.

Students in the Engineering with Management programme have the option of completing a 4 year bachelor level degree (B.Sc.) or proceeding (subject to satisfactory performance in their third year) to a 2-year Masters cycle, resulting in a 5 year masters level degree (MAI).

What will you study?
The course is structured around themes that are developed over the four years. These themes are:
- General engineering
- Business
- Design
- Materials science
- Manufacturing engineering
- Management science
Throughout the course, a strong emphasis is placed on group projects, case studies and teamwork.