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Fluids, Acoustics & Vibration

The Fluids, Acoustics & Vibration group conducts research on modelling and analysis of flow/structure interactions, vibro-acoustic and aeroacoustic problems. The research activities of the group cover a wide range of interdependent disciplines in which specific expertise has been developed and used to generate innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Group Leaders


21st CEAS-ASC Workshop


Aeroacoustics Research in Europe – 2017 Highlights

One of the yearly activities of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Confederation of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS-ASC) is to summarise significant R&D activities in Aeroacoustics in Europe in a report which is usually published as an article in the Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV). As a member of the ASC, Prof. Dr. Lars Enghardt will be the editor of the highlights for 2017. If you would like to submit a contribution to be considered for publication as a highlight, please do so here...
Submit a contribution for consideration for Aeroacoustics Research in Europe – 2017 Highlights.



Selected Research Projects



Research Staff and Students

Name Position Tel. Email
Prof. Henry Rice Professor +353 1 896 1996 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Craig Meskell Associate Professor +353 1 896 1455 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Gareth J. Bennett Associate Professor +353 1 896 3878 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. John Kennedy Assistant Professor +353 1 896 2396 [javascript protected email address]
Dr. Matthew Cassidy Postdoctoral Research Fellow +353 1 896 8583 [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Kun Zhao Postgraduate Research Student +353 1 896 1998 [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Patrick Okolo Postgraduate Research Student +353 1 896 1998 [javascript protected email address]
Mr. Jason D.M. Botha Postgraduate Research Student +353 1 896 1998 [javascript protected email address]
Ms. Eleonora Neri Postgraduate Research Student +353 1 896 1998 [javascript protected email address]


Name Position Tel. Email
Dr. Miguel Garcia-Pedroche Sound and Vibration Engineer, Dyson Ltd., UK    
Dr. Ian Davis Acoustician, Bell Labs, Ireland    
Dr. Eoin King Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut
+1 860 768 5953 [javascript protected email address]

Equipment and Facilities

Major Equipment
  • 1 two-component Dantec laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) system
  • 1 low-speed particle image velocimetry (PIV) system based on a New Wave Solo-II PIV double pulsed Nd:YAG laser and PCO Sensicam CCD camera
  • 1 high-speed stereoscopic (3-component) particle image velocimetry (PIV) system, based on a Quantronix DarwinDuo high repetition rate double-pulsed Nd:YLF laser and 2 Photron Fastcam SA1 CMOS high-speed cameras (shared with FHT research group)
  • 1 high-speed PIV system, based on an Oxford Lasers high repetition rate single cavity pulsed diode laser and NAC high-speed cameras (shared with FHT research group)
  • 4 channel constant temperature hot-wire anemometry system
  • Hermetically sealed pressure transducers
  • A 30 microphone focusing array and associated data acquistion system
  • Class 0 condenser microphones
  • Various instrumentation for vibration monitoring, including acclerometers, force transducers, non-contact displacment transducers and component laser vibrometers
  • Modular, multichannel, synchronous data acquistion systems (NI PCI, SCSI and PXI based)

Research Seminar Schedule

Click here to see this year's schedule.