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TCD Stella Search Filter


To install the filter:

  • Double-click the filter - it will open in EndNote
  • Go to FILE, then SAVE AS
  • Enter a file name and save. This will be the name of the filter you pick from within EndNote when exporting

Due to the nature of the export, the record type (book, thesis etc.) is not always picked up by EndNote but the type can be changed within the record by using the Reference Type drop-down menu.

For journal articles found in Stella, we recommend using EBSCO’s own export function - clicking on the title of an article result will open the EBSCO record. The export option is on the right of the page and delivers considerably better quality references.

Instructions on using Term Lists

Used to expand abbreviated journal titles for various subjects (via University of Queensland). Contact Greg Sheaf for further details - generally styles will need to be amended slightly to expand the abbreviations.

Web Capture Tool

To install the Web Capture tool, just drag the Capture Reference button to your Bookmarks bar (also known as "Favorites Bar" or "Bookmarks Toolbar"). In some browsers, you may need to right-click and select "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark This Link." To use it, browse to a page you like and click the Capture Reference button in the Bookmarks bar. The Capture Reference window will open. Follow the instructions in the window.

Output Styles

The College version of EndNote X7 installs approximately 6000 styles. Use EndNote's Searchable Download Site for additional EndNote Citation Styles, and instructions on how to add them to EndNote. Specific or customised styles are listed below.

  • APA 6th no initials - version which doesn't add an initial if another reference with the same surname
  • Irish Historical Studies and notes on how to use it. UPDATED 19-10-17 to allow page numbers after ibid.
  • OSCOLA Style - information and download
  • TCD School of Music Style
  • School of Nursing & Midwifery Style UPDATED 24-06-13. More accurate version of the style for use by members of the School of Nursing and Midwifery rather than using the "J Advanced Nursing" style supplied with EndNote. Uses corrected "&" rather than "and", and commas between citations, for example. Also allows page numbers to be inserted.
  • Word count blank refs - this turns off the displaying references and bibliography in your Word document so you can perform a word count. Then switch back to your normal style.