Fees & Payments

A listing of fees associated with all courses currently available at Trinity College.

Methods of payment of fees and charges.

Information on fee charges, payments plans and due dates.

Information on tax relief available on course fees paid.

Eligibility criteria for the Irish Government's free tuition fees scheme for approved full-time undergraduate courses.

The Academic Registry is responsible for the invoicing and collection of course fees and the collection of Accommodation charges. In addition the team administers the US Department of Education Federal Direct Loan Program.

Key Downloads

  1. Form FRS1 (PDF, 52Kb)
  2. Form FRS2 (PDF, 164Kb)
  3. Financial Aid Information 2018/19 - US Citizens (PDF, 580KB)
  4. Undergraduate Fees 2017/18 - EU Students (PDF, 397KB)
  5. Undergraduate Fees 2017/18 - Non-EU Students (PDF, 341KB)
  6. Undergraduate Fees 2018/19 Non-EU Students (PDF, 303 KB)
  7. Postgraduate Fees 2017/18(PDF, 615KB)
  8. Postgraduate Fees 2018/19(PDF, 790KB)


Useful Links

  1. Fees Remission Scheme »
  2. Accommodation Office »
  3. my.tcd.ie »


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