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Academic and Postgraduate Research Fellowships

The Research Fellowships aim to support academic and postgraduate research projects from within and across TRiSS member schools.

Please click on the underlined names below for updates on their research projects.


Alexander Held Political Science Registration Rules, Eligibility Uncertainty, and Minority Youth Voter Mobilization
Christiane Ahlborn Law Global Corporations in the International Legal Order
Julia Zimmerman Economics (CEPH) Roots of Revolution
Leigh-Ann Sweeny Social Work Social Policy FOST-WELL: A Biographic Narrative Study of Foster Carers' Wellbeing, Experiences of Stressors and Social Supports during Placement Breakdown in Ireland
Paula Maycock Social Work Social Policy The Complex Recovery Experiences of Homeless Service Users with Substance Use Disorder: A Public Engagement and Dissemination Event
Richard Franke Economics (CEPH) Wrecking their hopes? – The Effect of Travel Risk Assessment on Migration Decisions



Alexus McNally Law Fair Trial Rights for Children in Conflict with the Law
Bruno Spadi Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences Clitic distribution and verb movement in the languages of Sicily
Gabriel Opare Sociology Trinity Black History Month Library Exhibition 2024
Irene Barbotti Religion, Theology and Peace Studies Exploring Beatitudes and Woes in the Synoptic Tradition. The Hypothesis of an Apocalyptic Q-Catalogue of Opposite Sayings
Kelly Donegan Psychology  Characterising distinct psychiatric correlates of habit expression
Ruben Ruf Business The impact of foreign stock markets on mental health
Tooba Nadeem Akhtar Psychology A mental health, development and psychosocial support intervention for children in natural disaster-affected areas, with a focus on Pakistan's flood-affected areas.


Below are last year's Fellowship recipients, click on their names to read how their TRiSS Fellowships have helped their research.

2023/24 TRiSS Academic and Postgraduate Research Fellowship Awardees


Eman Abboud Political Science Decolonizing Data: mapping pre-colonial patterns of ethnopolitical exclusion in sub-Saharan Africa
Donatella Camedda Education Breaking Barriers: A Photovoice Project on the Experiences of College Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Bronagh Catibusic Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences Nurturing networks through the Trinity English Conversation Classes for refugees
Catherine Elliot O'Dare Social Work Social Policy Ageism and intergenerational relations in the workplace in Sweden and Ireland – a scoping review of extant literature and trade union policy
Susan Flynn Social Work Social Policy Coping with complex intersections of child protection risk, the internet and disability: Towards informing and understanding professional responses
Elizabeth Nixon Psychology Parents' mental state talk and associations with children's development

Alejandra Ramos & Selim Guelsci

Economics Telenovelas with LGBTQ+ characters in Latin-America: which type of representation matter?


Simone Arrigoni Economics Who gets the flow? Financial Globalisation and Wealth Inequality
Vitalis Bengano Social Work Social Policy

An exploration of the built environment in/accessibility among disabled students in higher education in Zimbabwe: A New Materialist Perspective.

Enrico Cavalloti Economics A Criminal Blog-buster: Blogging, Media Coverage and Cartel Tactics in Mexico
Lucas daSilva Political Science

Media Matters: Depictions of Party Positions and Voting Behaviour among Cross-Pressured Voters

Salam Jabbour Psychology Developing a Community-Level Mental Health Program for Adolescents or Young Adults in Lebanon
Michael McRae Economics Mass media effect on gender norm perceptions
Marina Schenkel Political Science Effects of populist rhetoric related to health crises on political preferences


2022/23 TRiSS Academic and Postgraduate Research Fellowship Awardees