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TRiSS "Covid19 and a Changing Society" webinar series


Trinity Research in Social Sciences, in partnership with its member schools and disciplines, ran a weekly series "Covid19 and a Changing Society". It featured insights from across the social sciences from Trinity academics and international Social Scientists.

The webinars last 75 minutes, with three 15-minute presentations and a moderated discussion afterwards.

The events in this series were:

•Our first event was co-hosted with the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and the speakers included: Prof. Edward Glaeser of Harvard University, Prof. Jessie Handbury of Wharton and Prof. Diego Puga, of CEMFI. They discussed the question: will Covid19 will change our desire to cluster in cities? It took place on May 18th at 3pm Irish Standard Time. Read more about that event here. Watch the recording here

• What will the post-Covid19 international travel and tourism industry look like? May 26th at 11am. Watch the recording here

• Human Rights and Democracy after COVID-19. On June 2nd at 1pm. Watch the recording here

• Covid19 and the perils and promise of Big Data. June 8th at 2pm. Watch the recording here. Read a summary by Prof. Ashish Kumar Jha here.

• Covid 19 and Challenges to Democracy. June 15th at 3pm. Watch the recording here

• What does the future of retail look like? Watch the recording here. Read a summary here.

• Corporate competition and concentration after Covid19. Watch the recording here.


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