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Why should I take this Trinity Elective?

You engage with digital media every day – whether through mobile phones, smart assistants like Alexa, website interaction, games, virtual reality, or smart devices, etc. With or without your knowledge, you are providing information about who you are, what you are doing, and how you are living to these systems, and AI-based algorithms are using your data to make predictions about your behaviour. The future is expected to be increasingly multimodal, where we will use natural modes of communication to interact - speech, gesture, touch, etc. If you want to have a deeper understanding of what lies beneath these digital engagements today and in the future, taking this module will empower you to understand these interactive digital media experiences and to critically evaluate their capabilities.

What will I learn?

  • You will learn about key aspects – from website analysis, to game design and avatar interactions
  • You will understand how to measure and analyse digital engagement via metrics and analysis
  • You will understand that ethical and privacy issues can arise and you will learn to evaluate these and question yourself about your choices

What will I do?

  • Attend a series of lectures from world-renowned scientists to get a deeper understanding of how the algorithms behind digital engagement work and what data they use
  • Identify approaches to maximise the effectiveness of media engagement in areas such as immersive games, and social media.
  • Measure and analyse digital engagement via metrics and analysis (e.g., interactions per visit, navigation paths taken, website revisit rate, feeling of presence in virtual reality, etc.)
  • Evaluate specific case studies with respect to digital engagement usability and effectiveness.

How will this be delivered?

  • 11 hours face-to-face lectures plus class discussion
  • Team project work – approx. 11 hours
  • 103 hours independent study, online discussions, preparation for group work.

How will this be assessed?

  • Group project and peer-reviewed report: encourage knowledge exchange between students: 40%
  • Case study report: deep understanding and analysis of digital engagement: 60%

Who can take this Trinity Elective?

  • Any student eligible to take a Trinity Elective can select this Trinity Elective.
    Please note: Students are advised that they need to have access to a laptop or tablet for use during this module.

More Information (PDF 125KB)